Safety Committee Members

Environmental Health and Safety

Montana Tech Safety and Health Committee

The Safety & Health Committee is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Research. According to Administrative Rules of Montana, 4.30.2542-2546, this committee shall:

  • Hold regular meetings as necessary, but meet at least once every four months.
  • Assess potential hazards and communicate suggested hazard control information to the campus.
  • Inform employees of safety committee activities & recommendations.
  • Help motivate employees to create a culture of safety in the workplace.

The Committe shall also assist in:

  • The development of safety rules, policies & procedures.
  • The control of hazards.
  • The periodic evaluation of the safety program.
  • The inspection of the workplace.
  • The development of safety training and awareness topics.

In addition, the Safety & Health Committee shall:

  • Coordinate the establishment of campus procedures and standards pertaining to safety, health and loss control.
  • Transmit pertinent safety and health information to the Director of EH&S and to appropriate administrators as required.

Montana Tech Safety & Health Committee members

  • Amanda Badovinac
  • Tom Barsanti
  • Paul Beatty
  • Wai Chan
  • Alan Christensen
  • Monty Dolson (Highlands)
  • Matt Egloff
  • Jim Girard
  • William Gleason
  • Bev Hartline
  • Roger Jensen
  • Angela Johnston
  • Jeanne Larson (Chair)
  • Todd Myse
  • Dennis Noel (Highlands)
  • Dan Owens
  • Jason Parish
  • Dan Payne
  • Scott Rosenthal
  • Richard Schrader
  • Rob Smith
  • Jerry Stewart (Highlands)
  • Larry Surrisi
  • Jackie Timmer 
  • Tammy Todd
  • Brian Vieke
  • Staci Werner (student intern)
  • Karen Wesenberg-Ward
  • George Williams
  • Doug Abbott (Ex-Officio)
  • Michael Allen (Ex-Officio)
  • Marissa Morgan (Ex-Officio)
  • Maggie Peterson (Ex-Officio)

Safety Committee Minutes