Accessibility at Montana Tech

We are in the process of making our campus more accessible by removing barriers students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities may face.

In the meantime, if you encounter a physical, electronic, or programmatic barrier at Tech, such as an inaccessible webpage, a broken automatic door button, or a faculty or staff member refusing to accommodate you, please bring it to our attention!

Access Updates

03/24/2023: Tech Day - Parking on campus may be limited due to the influx of visitors.

02/20/2023: Winter Weather Advisory - There is a severe weather warning until 5:00 am on Wednesday, February 22. Please exercise caution, dress warmly, and allow extra time when traveling to, from, and around campus, especially going up and down the hill.

01/09/2023: The elevator in Prospector Hall is inaccessible until further notice.

Physical Access

Getting Around
Our campus map highlights accessibile parking spots and the locations of automatic doors on our buildings. 

Snow and Ice Removal
Submit a work order to Facilities.

Things to Know
Visitors to campus should be aware that Butte sits at a very high altitude and there may be a risk of experiencing altitude sickness or shortness of breath until they have acclimated. The campus is situated on several hills, so those with mobility issues should take necessary precautions. Winters here are long, dry, and cold, with temperatures occasionally in the negatives. Travelers during the winter months should watch for deep snow and ice.

Guidance from UMT

Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility (EITA)
Checklist of Staff | Electronic Accessibility | Guidelines Policies and Procedures Tutorials and Trainings

Office for Disability Equity
Digital Accessibility
 | Email Accessibility

Other Resources
Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities

Contact Us

Disability Services: +1 406-496-4428
Dean of Students: +1 406-496-4198
Web Developer: +1 406-496-4400
I.T. Help Desk: +1 406-496-4244