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Highlands College of Montana Tech

Highlands College of Montana Tech is a small school that enjoys the luxuries of a beautiful setting, fine instructional faculty, and a warm, supportive learning environment.

We serve the Greater Butte Region through our associates degree and certificate programs, continuing education, and customized training. Complete a degree designed to help you enter the workforce immediately, or earn credits that may be transferred to a 4-year degree program. Here you will find quality education, dedicated faculty and staff, small class sizes, individual attention, student services, and exceptionally affordable tuition.

Associate of Science

Associate of Science

The Associate of Science (AS) Degree is designed for students who are interested in transferring to a four-year degree program at Montana Tech or other university. The AS degree is a two-year (four semester) program.

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business and accounting technology

Business and Accounting Technology

Earn a one-year certificate of applied science (CAS) or two-year associate of applied science (AAS) degree in business and accounting fields. Coursework may be applied toward a 4-year degree in Business at the North Campus.

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health care programs at Highlands College

Health Care

Join one of the fastest-growing job fields by earning a two-year associate of applied science degree (AAS) or a certification program in health care. Highlands College is a proud participant in HealthCare Montana.

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Networking Technology and Cybersecurity

Information Technology

Gain essential knowledge and extensive hands-on experience as you earn two-year associate of applied science degrees and a bachelor degree in these rapidly growing fields:

  • A.A.S. Computer Networks and Cybersecurity (All coursework applies directly to the B.S. Network Technology degree.)
  • A.A.S. Web Development and Administration
  • B.S. Network Technology
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Trades and Technical

Trades and Technical

Develop practical job skills through hands-on experience in the lab and in the field. Choose from among the following certificate, certificate of applied science (CAS) or two-year associate of applied science (AAS) degree programs.

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