Disability Services at Montana Tech
Panorama of the Montana Tech campus and Big Butte

Disability Services

Montana Tech is committed to increasing accessibility by providing reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities. We strive to ensure students have access to all aspects of campus life while maintaining the integrity of our standards and programs. Our goal is to remove barriers, but we cannot guarantee student success.

The accommodation process is confidential, and tailored to each students' individual needs and circumstances, but students must inform Disability Services of their disability and provide proof of diagnosis to receive accommodations. Please note that accommodations are not issued retroactively, and those received in the K-12 system or at another institution are not guaranteed. We do not provide assessments or evaluations and cannot diagnose disabilities.


Montana Tech is in the process of making our campus more accessible electronically. Our website accessibility plan includes meeting WCAG 2.0 AA Standards, ensuring all documents pass accessibility checks, and making sure all web forms are accessible. In the meantime, if someone has a specific accessibility request, we will make that content available in her or his preferred format within a timely manner.

If you notice a webpage in inaccessible, please bring it to our attention!