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Research office

Research Office

Welcome to Montana Tech's Research Office

Montana Tech is currently in Research Operations Level Two

Montana Tech Operations Levels Policy [PDF]

Montana Tech Levels of Research Operations Response Form [PDF]: Please complete the form and email to


The Research Office will be working limited office hours on site. When there is no one available in the office we will be available for questions via a Research Office ZOOM Link at: To request an individual zoom or phone meeting with Bev Hartline, please contact Victoria. Individual zoom or phone meetings with Victoria or Trisha can be scheduled by contacting them directly.

It is our job to keep each other safe and healthy. Thank you for doing your part.
Montana Tech Research Department.

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Good morning, colleagues,

We hope you are all doing well. Attached please find the COVID-19 Guidelines for Field Research that are in effect now (Level 2) and for Level 1 research operations.  The guidelines are focused on maximizing the likelihood that COVID-19 won’t be transmitted among field team members or between them and the public, while making it possible to continue this important work. 

If the Research Operations Level increases, there will be quite strict scrutiny of the purpose of the projects, and only those that are essential will be able to continue doing active field work. It will be especially important this year to be efficient in field operations and to be in a position at any time to switch productively to work on the data collected without needing to go into the field for more.

I want to thank those who have provided feedback on earlier drafts as well as important ideas related to the conduct of field research. 

These guidelines apply to field courses and instruction-focused “field camps.” In those cases, please also share your plans with and get approval from your dean.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Beverly K. Hartline, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor for Research

Dean of the Graduate School

We hope you find this information useful and we welcome any and all feedback on this site. Contact Patricia Southergill for more information.