Montana Tech's Honors Program

Honors Program

Honors students bike ride
The honors program students rode through Durant Canyon, which is closed to the public, where Dr. David Hutchins (former faculty, Metallurgical Engineering) taught them about restoration efforts in the community. They ended their day with a dip in Fairmont Hot Springs! Chancellor Les Cook and his wife, Stephanie, also joined the group!

Montana Technological University’s Honors Program is an exclusive program that has been designed to stimulate the minds of some of our most academically inquisitive students. Many universities offer honors programs, but Montana Tech’s stands out as unique.

The honors program has been designed with the following tenets in mind:

  • Seminar: Honors students are required to register for a 0-credit seminar each semester with their cohort.  Seminar topics vary each semester but are always discussion based. 
  • Service: Three or more students will join a group and identify what kind of volunteer work they are passionate about and engage in service at least once/semester.  They will provide the director with the hours.
    *The service component isn’t required until Year two, but first year cohorts may engage in the service component if they wish.
  • Stakeholders: At least twice/year, students will have the opportunity to have dinner with campus leaders, such as the Chancellor, Provosts and Vice Chancellors.  These meals give honors students the chance to share their thoughts and ideas about the university with leaders who can create change.
  • Social Events: At least once/month, honors students will engage in a social or cultural activity.  The goal is that the participants will attend as many of these events as possible.  The events may include hiking, attending a cultural event at the Mother Lode, a board game night, etc.
Matthew Haynes, MFA, Director, Honors Program, Writing Instructor I

Engineering Hall 212

Additional benefits include:

  • The opportunity to live in a dedicated honors wing in the brand-new Student Success Center
  • Scholarship support and priority class registration.
  • A dedicated honors student lounge in the Academic Center for Excellence.
  • The program includes non-academic art, science, culture and community activities that will foster relationships with campus leaders.

Take the challenge and apply today – only 10 students will be chosen for the 2021 cohort!

Kris Bosch, honors student

"I joined the program when my professors and mentors recommended me to apply. I wasn't sure what being part of the honor's cohort would entail, but so far, I am very thankful for my experience. The honors program at Montana Tech has helped me build relationships with key faculty and meet truly incredible students.

I believe the program adds a vital piece to my education and builds valuable connections. As an engineering student, I do not have many opportunities to step back and read something fictional. Many engineering schools realize a lack of humanity in general coursework, and I firmly recommend STEM majors to take the time and join something like the honors program."

Kris Bosch, F19 Cohort, Junior, Environmental Engineering, Helena, MT