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Crisis Command Hierarchy

Environmental Health and Safety

Crisis Command Hierarchy

In all emergency situations, 911 should be called first. Then campus contacts should be called as listed below. Campus Security should also be called at (406) 496-4357 (HELP).

Marissa Morgan, Environmental Health and Safety, has been designated as the first point of contact for any displacement emergency on campus. For reference, her phone numbers are:

  • Office phone (406) 496-4463
  • Cell phone (406) 490-0455

Carrie Vath, Associate Vice-Chancellor/Dean of Student Affairs, is the first point of contact for any non-displacement crisis. Her phone numbers are:

  • Office phone (406) 496-4198
  • Cell phone (352) 682-2492

Should Marissa or Carrie be unavailable, the following individuals should be contacted, depending on the crisis. These individuals will have complete administrative control should they be designated as the Incident Commander. When professional emergency responders (fire or sheriff) arrive on scene, the professionals will take over as incident commander.

  1. Michael Allen
    • Office phone (406) 496-4399
  2. Don Blackketter
    • Office: (406) 496-4129
    • Home: (406) 496-4232
    • Cell: (208) 596-0915
  3. Doug Abbott
    • Office phone (406) 496-4127
    • Home phone (406) 494-2345
    • Cell phone (406) 533-5896

Emergency/Crisis Management Team leaders are designated in the Crisis Protocol Manual.

Communication with the Public

In emergency and disaster situations, communication with the public is essential. However, it must be handled carefully. Montana Tech’s Director of Public Relations is the designated person to talk to the media and issue releases, giving essential information and facts about the nature of the emergency or disaster and any actions being taken to protect lives, health and property. The announcements will be developed in conjunction with the Chancellor’s office.

The Director of Public Relations would also issue releases to members of the campus community to keep them informed.