The Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), located at Montana Technological University, is a Montana University System designated Center of Excellence in Research & Education. Established in 1989, CAMP’s MISSION is to serve the needs of Montana’s people and industries through cutting-edge research and effective research management in materials science and engineering, expanding both basic and applied knowledge in these fields.

CAMP carries out its mission by:

  • Supporting the research, materials testing and analytical instrumentation needs of faculty across the Montana University System by providing the trained personnel and advanced instrumentation required to carry out sophisticated materials science research
  • Providing similar support using CAMP’s excellent facilities and sophisticated instrumentation as a service to industrial, government and non-Montana university clients for reasonable fees
  • Employing undergraduate and graduate students in a mentored apprenticeship program designed to promote workforce development in materials science and engineering
  • Assisting Montana Tech faculty in developing competitive research and development proposals that include the latest materials testing and analysis capabilities available
  • Providing Montana Tech departments with the ability to support visiting scientists and other research personnel
  • Acting as a single point-of-contact for companies desiring to partner with Montana Tech faculty across multiple departments, thus serving as a “Gateway to Montana Tech”
  • Providing the capability and experience to effectively manage large, multiple project research programs while maintaining schedules, milestones and deliverables

All of these activities are designed to enable CAMP to realize its VISION: to be recognized as a preeminent Center of Excellence in materials science and engineering, in demand as the preferred provider of research and development in its fields, while both capitalizing on and seamlessly integrating its activities with Montana Tech’s faculty, students, and departments.