About C.A.M.P.

CAMP (Center for Advanced Mineral, Metallurgical and Materials Processing) is located in Butte, Montana on the campus of Montana Tech. CAMP offers consulting, research, industrial process development and testing facilities focused on providing high-quality solutions to industrial clients worldwide by supporting, developing and adding value to the global mineral, metallurgical and materials industry. CAMP enjoys a unique situation, having its own professional staff coupled with the ability to draw upon the expertise of Montana Tech faculty members from all disciplines as necessary.

CAMP specializes in process engineering, development and testing. We conduct applied projects with industrial and government clients throughout the world. The objectives of CAMP are to support the sustainability of not only the mining and mineral industry, but to also be a leader in advanced materials process development.We also have a state-of-the art ISO 17025 compliant materials testing lab that specializes in composite materials design, testing and analysis.

Client Partnerships

CAMP supports materials-based industries in the following sectors:

  • Materials/Product Characterization and Development
  • Mining, Ore beneficiation, Smelting, Refining
  • Materials/Product Characterization and Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Environmental Management
  • Project Management
  • CAMP supports U.S. Federal programs in the following sectors:
  • Department of Defense/Army Research Lab
    • Material Extraction, Development and Analysis
    • Composite Material Testing, Failure Analysis, and Development