2020-2021 Remote Sensing Fellowships for Montana Undergraduate and Graduate Students


USGS/MontanaView is offering 10 competitive fellowships ($1,500 each) for applied remote sensing projects for undergraduate and graduate students at six higher educational institutions across Montana:
  • Two fellowships per institution at Montana State University, the University of Montana, Salish Kootenai College and Montana Tech.
  • One fellowship per institution at Montana State University Billings and the University of Montana Western.

The goals of these fellowships are:
  1. To support students and provide encouragement and resources for them to pursue a career in geospatial sciences and remote sensing; and
  2. To benefit the state of Montana by providing information, data, and analysis that will improve the management of natural resources.

Through a competitive selection process, each institution will review and select worthy fellowship recipients for projects that are directly related to Montana’s agricultural, range, forest, wild land, urban, water, mineral, or other resources. The fellowship recipients will receive the award after completion of the project and submission of a brief project report (approximately 3 pages, due April 2021) to both MontanaView and an identified stakeholder. Recipients are expected to present a summary of their work at the MontanaView Annual Fellowship Meeting in April 2021.

To apply: Please send the following to your institutional MontanaView contact:
  • A cover letter that highlights your unique qualifications for this fellowship.
  • A brief proposal (1-2 paragraphs) for your remote sensing research project. Clearly identify the problem and its significance, the anticipated approach, and a specific stakeholder that you will work with on this project (e.g. a state agency, a community organization, a school or university, etc.).
  • A resume or CV

The application deadline is November 13, 2020. Please direct your inquiries and send your applications to the following MontanaView contacts:
  • Montana State University: Scott Powell (spowell@montana.edu)
  • University of Montana: Anna Klene (anna.klene@umontana.edu)
  • Salish Kootenai College: Robert Kenning (robert_kenning@skc.edu)
  • Montana Tech: Xiaobing Zhou (xzhou@mtech.edu)
  • University of Montana Western: Arica Crootof (arica.crootof@umwestern.edu)
  • Montana State University Billings: Joe Hoover (joseph.hoover@msubillings.edu)