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Big M to Flash V for the Butte Community


Montana Tech announced today the “M” on Big Butte would flash “V” every evening beginning Friday, April 3, 2020, at approximately 8:00 pm.

When the Orediggers are victorious, the “M” changes to “V” signifying a victory. The nightly flashing of the V will show the Butte community that together, we can get through this. “As we all shelter-in-place to protect our community and the spread of the coronavirus, the V will be a reminder to believe during this time of uncertainty. We all need to step up and help out, remain positive, and support our local business community, " explained Montana Tech Chancellor Les Cook.

“Butte has proven to be a caring, loving community that thrives in tough times. I know our community will emerge from the current crisis because that is what Butte does. I believe in Butte,” noted Joe McClafferty, Vice Chancellor for University Relations and President of the Montana Tech Foundation.

“We hope that the lighting of the V will serve as a reminder that there are better days ahead, and if we work together, we will be victorious. Together we will rise from this difficult time. We are looking forward to the day we can celebrate this victory,” said Montana Tech Athletic Director Matt Stepan.

Stephanie Sorini, Executive Director of the Butte Chamber of Commerce, added, “When I see the M on the hill, I think about the hard-working men and women who came before us, and I love to see the V flash to an M indicating a Montana Tech win. Now, when I look up and see the V, I will think about the challenges we are facing today but know that if we stick together, we will have a win for Butte. We all need to believe in Butte like those that came before us.”

The “M” was placed upon Big Butte in 1910. It was illuminated in 1962 and remains a beacon in the community today.