Montana Technological University Named A Best Value by the Princeton Review


Montana Technological University Named a Best Value College for 2020 by The Princeton Review

Montana Technological University is one of the nation's top colleges for students seeking a superb education with excellent career preparation and at an affordable price, according to The Princeton Review®.

The education services company named Montana Tech as a Best Value College for 2020. The feature profiles 200 schools that The Princeton Review selected out of 656 institutions the company considered and surveyed for this year's project.

"Montana Tech provides quality education and is a smart and rewarding investment," noted Montana Tech Chancellor Les Cook. "We appreciate this ranking and the acknowledgment that Montana Tech is a top university for return on investment."

The Princeton Review chose its Best Value Colleges for 2020 based on data the company collected from its surveys of administrators at 656 colleges in 2018-19. The company also factored in data from its surveys of students attending the schools as well as com surveys of alumni of the schools about their starting and mid-career salaries and job satisfaction figures.

In all, The Princeton Review crunched more than 40 data points to tally ROI (Return on Investment) ratings of the colleges that determined its selection of the 200 schools for the 2020 project. Topics covered everything from academics, cost, and financial aid to graduation rates, student debt, alumni salaries, and job satisfaction.

"The schools we name as our Best Value Colleges for 2020 comprise only 7% of the nation's four-year colleges," noted Robert Franek, The Princeton Review's editor-in-chief. "They are truly distinctive and diverse in their programs, size, region, and type, yet they are similar in three areas. Every school we selected offers outstanding academics, generous financial aid, and/or a relatively low cost of attendance, and stellar career services. We salute Montana Tech for these exceptional offerings and recommend it highly to college applicants and parents."

The Princeton Review gave Montana Tech an ROI rating score of 87. In the company's profile of Montana Tech, The Princeton Review editors wrote, "If you're on the hunt for a school with top-notch programs in science and engineering, you'll want to consider Montana Tech. Montana Tech undergrads also love that their courses are quick to 'evolve with changing technology.'"

The Princeton Review does not rank the colleges hierarchically on a single list, from 1 to 200. For more information on the best value colleges, visit