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Montana Technological University Students and Faculty to Present at NCUR 2020


Twenty four Montana Technological University undergraduate students along with their faculty mentors have been accepted to present their research at the 34th annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR 2020). The event will see more than 4,000 students from around the world on March 26-28, 2020 at Montana State University. Faculty and students will share their scholarly research, network with their peers and faculty mentors, and meet with graduate school and corporate recruiters. Congratulations to the following from Montana Tech:

Poster presentations:

  • Alyssa Cook, Methods of Removal of Low Concentration Water Contaminants with Biochar (Faculty mentors: Dario Prieto and Rick LaDouceur)
  • Ashton Cummings, Enhanced Reductive Defluorination of 6:2 Fluorotelomer Alcohol Using Bio-Electrochemical Systems (Faculty mentor: Daqian Jiang)
  • Camille McEwen and Kristin Jordan, TRIM Protein Regulation of Type I Interferon Induction and Signaling in Human Cells (Faculty mentor: Joel Graff)
  • Charles De Groat, Rural Gaming: a Qualitative Assessment Clarifying Nuances of Subculture and Post-Subculture Theory (Faculty mentor: Elyse Lovell)
  • Ciera Schwarz and Garrett Miller, Undergraduates’ Awareness: Hipster Racism, Privilege and Color Blindness in Association with Fundraising (Faculty mentor: Elyse Lovell)
  • Cody Penny, Metal Requirements and Evolution of Deeply Rooted (Faculty mentor: Alysia Cox)
  • Frankie Johnston, A Validation of Failure Modes and Yield Accelerations of Rock Blocks Subjected to Seismic Loads (Faculty mentor: Mary MacLaughlin)
  • Jackson Burt, Design Lifecycle of Landing Gear for a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Faculty mentor: Jennifer Fowler)
  • Jayden Chilson, Removal of Low Concentration Water Contaminants with Biochar with Resonant Acoustic Mixing (Faculty mentors: Dario Prieto and Rick LaDouceur)
  • Justin Ortgies, Electrochemically Enhanced Oxidation of Glyphosate (Faculty mentor: Daqian Jiang)
  • Karly Okrusch, Analysis of TRIM5 messenger-RNA splice variant regulation in Human Cells (Faculty mentor: Joel Graff)
  • Katelyn Alley, Neutralization of Organophosphate Nerve Agents by Photo-Thermal Tandem Catalysis (Faculty mentor: Dario Prieto)
  • Kelli Thomas, Aqueous Heavy Metal Adsorption with Expanded Chitin (Faculty mentor: Dario Prieto)
  • Kristopher Bosch, Biochar-Wattle for Enhanced Surface Water Quality (Faculty mentors: Dario Prieto and Rick LaDouceur)
  • Megan McPherson, Inducing Phagocytosis in HEK293 Cells (Faculty mentor: Joel Graff)
  • Ozzie Indreland, Characterization of the RING-UIM Protein RNF 166 Isoforms (Faculty mentor: Joel Graff)
  • Quinn Cunneen, Catalytic Neutralization of Organophosphate Nerve Agent Simulant Over SiO2-supported Transition Metals (Faculty mentor: Dario Prieto)
  • Savanna Kelly, Confocal Microscopy-Based Analysis of RING Protein Localization in Human Cells (Faculty mentor: Joel Graff)

The following students and mentors will give an oral presentation:
will present a poster:
  • Grace Ostermiller, Improving the Efficiency of Vacuum Pumps/Air Compressors with Resonant Technology (Faculty mentor: Peter Lucon)
  • Quincy Stormer, Algebraic Properties of the Elliptic Curve Group Over a Finite Field (Faculty mentor: Atish Mitra)
  • Quinn Powell, Development of an electromagnetic induction sensor for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) for subsurface resistivity mapping (Faculty mentor: Xiaobing Zhou)
  • Xaavan Dolence, Mathematical Excursions Around the NTRU Cryptosystem (Faculty mentor: Atish Mitra)