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Montana Tech Nanotechnology Laboratory Publishes Exciting Work


Nano Team Publishes Research Findings

The Montana Tech Nanotechnology Laboratory (MTNL), directed by Dr. Jack Skinner, Montana Technological University Mechanical Engineering department head and associate professor, recently published their work on an Electrostatic and Air-Driven (EStAD) electrospinning device in the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B (JVSTB). The MTNL team working on the EStAD device includes Dr. Skinner along with postdoctoral associate Dr. Jessica Andriolo, who is a biomedical researcher, as well as graduate students Lane Huston and Emily Kooistra-Manning. The JVSTB article received the honor of being the Editor’s Pick, most read in the journal, and second overall attention getting score ever received by an article in the journal. Since then, news of the EStAD device has been featured by the American Institute of Physics and Healthline, before being picked up on media outlets globally. While one of the most compelling applications of the EStAD is on-demand biomedical device fabrication and direct, on-skin deposition of therapeutic materials, applications of this technology extend to photovoltaic and electronic devices and materials, along with advanced filtration for environmental and personnel protection.

Montana Tech nanotechnology lab publishes work

You can find the work of the MTNL EStAD team in the following publications:

  • JVSTB publication ( "Combined Electrostatic and Air Drivel Electrospinning for Biomedical Applications," Lane G. Huston, Emily A. Kooistra-Manning, Jack L. Skinner, and Jessica M. Andriolo, November 12, 2019, DOI: 10.1116/1.5122659.
  • American Institute of Physics. Written by Larry Frum, Senior Press Officer:
  • Healthline, an online health information resource. Written by Emmy-winning journalist Roz Plater:

For more information, please contact Dr. Jack Skinner at 406-496-4460.