January 15, 2020

10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Club Rush

Club Rush is on Wednesday January 15 from 10am-1:00pm in the S.U.B. Club Advisers: Please let your club officers know to email (asmtcampusevents@mtech.edu) if they are planning to participate, please respond by Monday Jan 13th. A reminder: All Clubs planning to request funds from ASMT must participate in club rush. A representative(s) from your club must be present at Club Rush to receive a table. Please also note it is expected for clubs to have their tables manned for the entire Club Rush. Unmanned tables will be removed.

Creating a new club, fill out and return Student Organization Application Form. Any new club wishing to participate in club rush must have this form returned. Forms need to be returned by Monday January 13.