If you are looking for a campus job, you are in the right place!

Montana Tech offers work opportunities designed to help offset the cost of education while providing students with valuable work experience.

Student Employment is committed to providing resources to all students who wish to find on-campus employment while attending Montana Tech. Students are guided through the employment process at Montana Tech, but are not guaranteed job placement.

The Offices of Enrollment Services, Payroll and Career Services partner to help student employment become a seamless process for students and on-campus employers. Students can easily access job postings through Career Services online resource, DR2.0. The Enrollment Services office provides and collects student employment paperwork and timecards. The Payroll office processes timecards for student employee paychecks.


Working while attending college can help defer the cost of education, assist you in learning valuable time management skills, and give you transferable experience when you enter the job market.


Employment can be a very important part of a student’s experience at Montana Tech. Find out all of the information you need to make opportunities for students.


Get your questions answered about working on campus.

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