Dan AutenriethDan Autenrieth

Environmental Health, Exposure Monitoring, Experimental Design & Analysis

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Lorri BirkenbuelLorri Birkenbuel

Industrial Hygiene, Respirators, Operations

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Robin BullockRobin Bullock

Decommissioning, Remediation, Oil Spill Response, Artisanal Gold Mining

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Jin Yong ChoiJin Yong Choi

Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment

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Paul ConradPaul Conrad

Mining, Permitting, Reforestation

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Kumar GanesanKumar Ganesan

Carbon Footprint, Air Pollution, Greenhouse Gas

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Joe Griffin

Restoration, Hydrologist, Remediation

todd-hoffman.jpgTodd Hoffman

Oil and Gas, Plug and Abandonment

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Julie HartJulie Hart

Toxicology, Aerosol Science, Exposure Science

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Raja NagisettyRaja Nagisetty

Hydrology, Land Reclamation, Stream Restoration

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Mary MacLaughlinMary MacLaughlin

Geology, Mineral Exploration

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Robert PalRobert Pal

Restoration, Native Plant Center, Stream Restoration

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Glenn ShawGlenn Shaw

Hydrologist, Geologist, Hydrogeologist

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Chris RoosChris Roos

Mining, Operations, Critical Minerals

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Courtney YoungCourtney Young

Mineral Processing, Metallurgy, Critical Minerals

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Jack SkinnerJack Skinner

Nano-particles, Mechanical Engineering

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