Supplemental Instruction (sometimes referred to as study groups) can be simply described as facilitator-led group study that is offered in conjunction with challenging courses each semester. Supplemental Instruction is offered at colleges nationwide and research has shown that students who participate in several S.I. sessions generally obtain half to a full letter grade higher in their courses than students who do not attend sessions.

A trained peer who is very knowledgeable about the subject area attends the class and then leads a group session to focus on the difficult concepts and problems in the course. Supplemental Instruction is FREE and purely voluntary; you can attend as often as you like. The sessions are collaborative (so you will be working with classmates to better understand the material). Peers will demonstrate effective strategies for studying the course material (which you will have a chance to practice together), and they will give you a chance to ask questions or pose your own concerns.

Students are encouraged to attend with their SI leader but may attend other sections. However, there is no guarantee that different SI leaders will cover identical material.