To schedule an appointment, a student can use the form below, visit our office in person in the Student Success Center, or call our office at 406-496-4418.

Private Appointments are free tutoring sessions that happen regularly (a semester-long commitment). Subjects available for private appointment include: Math, Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Statics, Circuits l and II, and Writing. In addition to receiving help with specific subjects, ACE also helps with study skills.*

Private Appointment Guidelines:

  • These small group sessions include a tutor and up to three students from the same course, which are approximately 50 minutes long.
  • Appointments are granted upon tutor availability, and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. However, preference may be given to students with a GPA below 3.0.
  • Appointments are typically scheduled as recurring meetings, once per week throughout the semester.
  • A student may schedule one appointment per course (2 appointments max) each week.
    Students should understand these tutoring sessions are meant to clarify information presented in class and to help the student with problem areas. These sessions are not to take the place of regular classroom attendance.

Private appointments differ from drop-in tutoring sessions in several ways. The tutor will build a rapport with the student over an entire semester and will get to know the student’s study habits, testing strategies, and overall abilities. This will assist the tutor in being able to predict what the student might need to work on over the long-term. Overall, the experience with private appointments will be a more in-depth tutoring situation.

*A study skills/learning strategies improvement program is free to all Montana Tech students. Students may work individually with an academic coach or participate in workshops covering various topics.

Request Tutoring Appointment

To request multiple days and or times that you are available for a tutoring appointment, hold down the control key on your P.C. or the command key on your Mac.

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