Free Academic Help

  • Free Online Tutoring for Montana Tech Students: Students get up to 2 hours of free tutoring per month. If more is needed, it can be requested.  Questions can be directed to Sarah North Wolfe, 406.496.4166, SSC room 3.138 
  • Khan Academy: Free personalized learning using trusted content designed for learners up to early college levels.
  • Hippocampus: free, core academic content delivered in rich multimedia, including videos, animation, and simulations. Subjects include general education for early learners & teachers up to college professors and their students.
  • Merlotx:  MERLOT's new free student portal, created to help students easily find resources to support their learning goals. As an open online collection of almost 70,000 quality online learning resources across a wide range of disciplines, MERLOTx connects you to an open online community of learners and teachers from around the world, with almost 140,000 members.
  • The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary:  A free online dictionary of computer and Internet terms. 
  • How to Succeed in an Online Environment

Montana Tech Resources

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Montana Tech's Testing Center proctors faculty exams, the HiSET® exam, placement tests, and exams from other institutions. It is located in the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) within the Student Success Center (SSC).

 For more information on all of Tech's testing services, see our Testing Center and Testing Services Guide.