Montana Tech partners with Mantra health to give you more options for your mental healthcare, also free with your Health Fee. By enrolling in Mantra, you can connect virtually to a licensed therapist to address your unique needs during daytime, evenings, or weekend hours. If you have bipolar disorder, disordered eating, substance use problems or active thoughts of harming yourself or others, please start with the on-campus counseling services to determine if Telehealth is right for you. If you would like to see a Mantra Counselor, you must complete the Montana Tech Counseling Informed Consent.

To sign up:

  1. Go to Mantra at
  2. Create your account and sign in using your Tech email address. If you
    don’t use your Tech email, the sessions will not be free.
  3. Complete the onboarding tasks in your Patient Portal, this takes about
    10 minutes.
  4. Join your first scheduled appointment with your therapist through the
    Mantra Patient Portal.
Have questions?

Mantra is here to help!

Reach out at
Call 800-464-2083.