Research Office (RO) Staff 

The Research Office oversees research on campus, in collaboration with the campus research centers.  This includes development of new ideas and proposals, government relations, conference and event planning, new research partnerships, marketing.


Angela Lueking

Vice Chancellor of Research, Dean of the Graduate School

Angela Lueking

Museum Building 210
Chief research officer: Develops partnerships and new initiatives; Oversees research centers. 
Ultimate accountability to federal agencies on grants and contracts; Works to ensure Montana Tech policy promotes a research culture.

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Susie Anderson

Conference and Event Planning
(406) 496-4311

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ron-white.jpgRon White

Director for the Center for Advanced Materials Processing
(406) 496-4342
ELC Building, Room 219

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Robin BullockRobin Bullock

Director for the Center for Environmental Remediation & Assessment
(406) 496-4120
Science & Engineering (S&E) 317

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Jeff Braun

Interim Director, High Performance Computer Cluster
(406) 496-4206
MUS 103

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Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Staff


Joanne Lee

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Research, Director of Sponsored Programs


(406) 496-4769
Museum Building 213
Oversight of the OSP pre- and post-award staff; assists with budget development; administers the IDC rate; oversees the financial reporting’ establishes and oversees processes to ensure compliance with funder, federal, and accepted industry standards, provides support to administration, faculty, and staff in the MTU research community; and audit related tasks pertaining to sponsored projects.

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Sara Lester


Assistant Director of Sponsored Programs

(406) 496-4176
Museum Building 212
Oversees financial management of awards;implements sales and service agreements.
Primary inyerface to MBMG, assists MBMG in proposal submission.
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Tara Caprara


Budget Analyst

(406) 496-4727
Museum Building 212
Award Financial Management, Patent Tracking

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Tim Tutty


Pre-Award Grant Manager

(406) 496-4340
Museum Building 212
Proposal submission: analysis of requirements; preparation of checklist; final compliance check; submission. Regulatory compliance: Manages RCR training, Conflicts of Interest; Federal Export Control.

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Research Office & Office of Sponsored Programs
MUS 210, 212, 213
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