Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Ronald Muffick joins Montana Tech


A seasoned manager with almost three decades of service to the Montana University System will lead Montana Technological University into the 2022-2023 academic year as Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. 
Ronald Muffick’s first day on the job was July 1. In his new position, Muffick oversees the university’s $30 million budget and hundreds of non-faculty staff. 

“We are very excited to have someone with Ron’s expertise on board,” Chancellor Les Cook said. “His experience within the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, and a variety of constituents, including the Board of Regents, state government, and architecture & engineering, will be invaluable for Montana Tech. He has hit the ground running, and it feels good to have him on board.” 

The native Montanan is no stranger to leading teams to financial and organizational success. Muffick began his career with the Montana University System in 1992, after receiving an A.A. from North Idaho College and B.A. in Business Management from Whitworth University.

He rose through the ranks, serving as a compliance officer, client services manager, director of business relations and programs, associate director of the Montana Guaranteed Student Loan Program, director of student affairs and financial services, and finally director of operations and administration for the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.

Some of his notable accomplishments include overseeing the Montana University System Long Range Building Program, managing Achieve Montana’s 529 plan, where administrative fees were reduced by 15%, and deposits increased by $40 million in the last biennium. He has directed some of Montana’s most recognizable financial aid and scholarship programs: MUS Honor Scholarships, Montana Access grants, and professional exchange programs WICHE, WAAMI, and WIMU.

While on the job, Muffick also continued his formal education and earned a Master’s certificate in Organizational Leadership from Villanova University and Master of Public Administration from the University of Montana. 
However, as he headed into his career’s third decade, and likely final leg, Muffick wanted a change of pace.

“I always knew I wanted to finish my career at a campus,” Muffick said. “There is something vibrant about campuses, with the energy of young people starting at the beginning of their careers. It’s infectious.” 
Montana Tech’s status as the state’s only special focus, premier STEM institution drew Muffick in as a job candidate, as did the community atmosphere in Butte. His wife, Aimee, has family in the Mining City, and Muffick finds the atmosphere similar to East Helena, where he spent much of his childhood. 

“There is that similarity between East Helena and Butte, a hardworking mentality combined with a sense of community that you don’t find many places,” Muffick said.

Muffick is the father of five children, ages 9 to 27, and enjoys spending time with his family outdoors. Hiking, camping, and big game hunting are among his hobbies making Butte a perfect match for both professional and recreational opportunities.

As he takes the helm of the staff and finances, Muffick said his first goal is to get to know the campus and the people who work at Montana Tech, and make sure everyone on campus knows the line of communication into his office is open.

“We have good people on campus,” Muffick said. “I want to give people an opportunity to be heard, and be involved on campus. I am committed to making a difference and looking forward to this academic year and all it brings.”