Dr. John Ray has Article Accepted for Publication

Dr. John W. Ray of Montana Tech’s Liberal Studies Department has had an article entitled “Hegel’s Political Philosophy of Self-Knowledge: How Knowing Thyself Necessarily Occurs in a Political Community” accepted for publication in the peer reviewed international journal Hegel Jahrbuch (Hegel Yearbook) published under the auspices of the Internatonale Hegel Gesellschaft (International Hegel Society) and the University of Berlin.

Georg Hegel was one of the most influential philosophers of the 19th Century and the primary proponent of German Idealism. In the paper, Ray argues that according to Hegel self-knowledge and self-consciousness can only occur in a political community.

Dr. Ray teaches classes in political philosophy at Montana Tech. Recently, because of his scholarly work on Hegel, Ray was invited into the membership of the International Hegel Association (Internationale Hegel-Vereinigung) sponsored by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Heidelberg, Germany and the University of Berlin.