Montana Tech Student Top U.S. Competitor in Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders Round 2 Rankings

Dustin LaMiaux, senior in Network Technology at Montana Tech, is the top U.S. competitor in the Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders Round 2 Rankings. 265 students in the U.S. and Canada took part in this upper-division competition. The top 20 finishers in the USA and Canada advance to the final round of competition on May 17.

In Round 3, the qualifiers will be delivered a network design and then have 24 hours to configure/design/troubleshoot the given scenario. Participants then present their work in a WebEx session to a panel of Cisco judges. Montana Tech students Brittany Perry and Mandela Hollowell were top 50 finishers. Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders competitions utilize Cisco's Web technologies to create an interactive networking skills contest that enhances classroom learning, unites students from across the world, and promotes further technology education and training.

Organized by Cisco, these competitions are a great opportunity for Networking Academy students to demonstrate their valuable Networking/IT skills through a series of online exams and simulation activities using Cisco Packet Tracer.

“Dustin has done exceptional work in our program,” said Ed Metesh, department chair, Network Technology at Montana Tech. “It is an exciting opportunity for us to witness his knowledge and expertise demonstrated on a national stage.” For more information, please contact Ed Metesh,