Communicating with our students, faculty, and staff is the best way to ensure campus engagement and keep everyone up-to-date on current events, local achievements, activities, and much more. Our three main tools for campus engagement with our faculty and staff are Weekly Updates, Chancellor Check-in, and our News website. Explore each option below to see what's going on at Montana Tech.

Weekly Updates

The Montana Technological University Weekly Update is a weekly e-newsletter designed to bring up-to-date information to faculty and staff every Monday.

Chancellor Check-in

The Chancellor Check-in is an e-newsletter that serves as the Chancellor's direct communication to faculty and staff enhancing campus engagement.

Montana Tech News

The Montana Tech News website features all campus-related news stories.

Year in Review

The Chancellor's Year in Review newsletters offer a comprehensive recap of the most significant and crucial events throughout each fiscal year, providing valuable insights into important events, key developments, and much more.