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Mining Engineering is one of the most versatile engineering disciplines and our graduates are able to find their own niche in the modern mining industry. With the global demand of minerals needed to support energy transition and electrification goals, Mining Engineers are again finding themselves at the forefront of innovation and technology development. Graduates from Montana Tech will continue to lead the “traditional” sectors of the mining industry; such as construction materials, base and precious metals, and coal; but demand for “new” critical minerals like the rare earth elements, lithium, and cobalt will provide increased opportunities for our students.

Students at Montana Tech receive a practical, world-class education that focuses on the fundamentals of mining while ensuring our students are ready for the challenges that the future will bring. Montana Tech prepares our Mining Engineers for future career paths ranging from technical specialists in areas such as Mine Design, Blasting, Rock Mechanics, or Ventilation to operational roles leading teams of mine operations and maintenance personnel, and for managerial roles with some of the world’s top mining companies. The common theme across all of our graduates is their desire to solve complex problems and the skillsets they need to be successful.

Montana Tech’s Mining Engineering department provides students with a transformative student experience that includes exposure to both surface and underground mining operations, access to cutting-edge labs, and an appreciation for safety; sustainability; and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Students receive training and experience with industry specific software and are able to apply practical knowledge in our unique, on-campus underground mining. They are also encouraged to seek industrial work experience with mining companies throughout North America and most students can find internship opportunities as early as their freshman year.

Mission Statement

The Mining Engineering department prepares our students to lead the global mining industry in meeting the changing needs of society through responsible mineral resource development. We also strive to honor the legacy of the Montana School of Mines and our alumni by continuing to provide a transformative student experience that ensures graduates possess practical, real-world skillsets, and are prepared to contribute to the modern mining industry.

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Mining Engineering, B.S.

Mining engineering students receive a well-rounded skill set and readiness to work through the ABET-accredited mining engineering bachelor’s degree. Design, construct, and manage surface and underground mines around the world.

Mining Engineering, M.S.

Master of Science candidates in Mining Engineering may choose to study in the areas of mechanics of geologic materials, blasting, materials handling, mine valuation, ventilation, geostatics, mine design, mine safety, and environmental management and design of mines.

Earth Science and Engineering Ph.D.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Earth Science and Engineering (ESE), builds on engineering and science BS and MS programs and the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG). Specialization in mining engineering is an option.

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At the Center for Environmental Remediation and Assessment, we pursue science-based, practical research to create impactful solutions for Natural Resource Extraction Environmental Risks.

Mine Rescue

Montana Technological University Mine Rescue is a student run organization that aims to give our members the skills and experience of being on a mine rescue team.

Mining Team

The Mining Team is a student run organization that allows students to compete all across the country (and world!) in mining-related events.

Underground Mine Education Center

In 2010, Montana Tech acquired an abandoned silver mine called the Orphan Boy Mine, which serves as an on-campus underground classroom. One of the first research projects was to demonstrate the feasibility of using the geothermal energy found in the warm mine water at the Orphan Boy Mine to heat the 55,000 ft² Natural Resources Building at Montana Tech.

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