M&ME graduates are in high demand.

Job opportunities are available in a variety of industries where minerals, metals and materials are produced and consumed. These industries include but are not limited to mining, manufacturing, petroleum, iron/steel making, automotive, recycling, chemicals, paper/pulp, aerospace, maintenance, corrosion, forensics, and more.


Note From Career Services

The placement statistics provided here come from annual surveys completed by graduates. This annual survey is conducted for the purpose of facilitating the career decisions of currently enrolled and prospective students. Placement data are based on responses received from the graduates who participated in the Montana Tech annual Graduate Surveys. Each annual class is comprised of Summer, Fall and Spring graduates. A small portion of the survey was provided by secondary sources. A conscientious effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the career information included in this report. Because of the cyclical nature of the businesses and industries for which Montana Tech trains its students, placement statistics from any one year should not be viewed as representative long-term permanent results. The annual graduate survey should, instead, be viewed only as an informational resource in the career-planning process. Please contact Career Services if you have any questions about the survey information. For additional information view the entire survey online at:

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering - Baccalaureate

Metallurgical Engineering - Master

Metallurgical/Min Process Engineer - Master


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