Landscape Survey

The purpose of the Landscape Master Plan is to provide a charter for planning, designing, developing, and maintaining the exterior space of the Montana Tech campus that reflects our unique history and is grounded in the constraints of our climate, maintenance, and budgetary limitations.


Trees and Shrubs

  • Inventory existing trees and shrubs
  • Plan for annual replacement
  • Plan for new trees
  • University of Montana tree expert Ben Carson will plan guidance


  • Lighting
    • Inventory existing mixture of block style lampposts and iron lampposts (preferred)
      • Safety concerns
      • Iron lampposts, LED option, (cost: $3,000)
      • Plan for annual replacements (priority this year is replacing the five lights in front of the HPER)
  • Wrought Iron Fencing
    • Replace existing chain link fencing
    • Design to incorporate Montana Tech logo
  • Water Feature
    • Raised bed in courtyard
    • Existing water and electricity on site
  • Sprinkling System
    • Inventory existing sprinkler system
    • Plan for annual expansion
  • Concrete, Asphault, and Curbing
    • Inventory existing areas requiring repairs (including tennis courts)
    • Plan for expansion of existing areas
  • Seating, Resting, or Meeting Places
    • Inventory Existing Places
    • Plan for annual Expansion (consistent design through campus)

Park Street Project

  • Retaining wall (built on the steep slope between the library parking lot and Park Street)
    • Montana Tech logo in landscape bricks
    • Landscaping (boulders and shrubs)
rendering of landscaping project south of library parking lot on Park Street

A rendering of a possible landscaping project between the Library parking lot and Park Street. Image courtesy of Wagner Landscaping.

Analysis of Existing Conditions

  • Robert Pal is committed to assisting with these projects.
Stadium Hillsides
  • Spray Knapweed
    • Professionally done
    • Knapweed removed in one year (estimated)
  • Plan for Montana Tech logo feature and ground cover in different colors
  • Ground cover
    • Suitable for climate and soil
    • Initial watering required
Leonard Field
  • Ground cover cascading down from walkway
  • Perennials
    • Inventory and label existing plants
    • Determine what plants have flourished
    • Plan for additional perennials annually
  • Annuals
    • Plan for annual plant-in day
    • Assess availability of water and plan for expansion of planted areas