Meet our Student Ambassadors, known as Prospectors at Montana Tech. With diverse interests from metallurgy to nursing, these incredible student leaders provide campus tours, serve on student discussion panels, help out at campus events, and are collectively a great resource for prospective students considering Tech.

Montana Tech's Prospectors

Alexandria AndersonAlexandria Anderson

Major: Cellular/Molecular Biology
Year: Graduate
Hometown: Butte, Montana

Why Montana Tech: I chose Montana Tech because it’s close to home with a small campus that allows me to experience amazing opportunities.

Research interests: I have worked on multiple research projects during my time at Tech with the most prominent research experience being the characterization of the shortest two protein segments of Colorado Tick Fever Virus.

What I think makes Butte special: The great community, history, and location. Being a lover of everything outdoors Butte is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities such as being close to great hiking and skiing!

Involvement on campus: Along with being a full-time student, I also hold officer positions in the Chemistry, Biology, and Pre-Professional Health Clubs.

Hardest class I have taken: Organic Chemistry.

Morgan AshbaughMorgan Ashbaugh

Major: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Year: Graduate
Hometown: Butte, Montana

Plans after Tech: Work in industry after graduating with my master's in material science. I am interested in working for a company that focuses on the development or processing of different materials. I am most interested in larger-scale manufacturing operations. I don’t know where I want to end up living, however, I do know I want to go to a place I have never been before and to experience a different part of the country or a different part of the world.

Hardest class I have taken: Metallurgical thermodynamics. It is a really important class and well taught, it just covers a lot of material. Thermodynamics is very important to understanding materials.

Three celebrities I would invite to a dinner party: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Agatha Christie

C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien wrote my favorite books growing up and I love Agatha Christie’s mysteries. They all lived very interesting lives that would be cool to hear about and to hear about their writing inspiration and any writing tips and advice they would have. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were friends too; I have read some of the published letters and heard stories about them, so I think it would be fun to just sit and listen to them interact.

Favorite stop in Butte: Second Edition Books! It’s the large used bookstore on Montana St.

Weirdest study/classroom ritual I have: When I take notes in class or study, I use at least 5 different colored pens. My notes always have to be color-coded, and I don’t like to have one color be repeated more than the others.

Allyson CleverlyAllyson Cleverly

Major: Biological Sciences (Cellular and Molecular Track)
Year: Chemistry
Hometown: Butte, Montana

What I love about Montana Tech: I love Tech because the campus is small enough that you are able to create really cool bonds with classmates, professors, and other faculty members. Everyone on campus supports all the sports teams and tries to create a relationship, so you never feel like you are going through anything alone!

Weirdest study hack: I have to eat sunflower seeds when I’m studying!

Plans after Tech: After Tech, I hope to go to medical school and eventually become an OB/GYN.

What I think makes Butte special: Butte is my hometown and I have loved growing up here. I love the community and how supportive the town is. They love Montana Tech, its students, and its athletes!

How I get to campus: I only live a few blocks from campus, so on nice days I like to walk if I have time.

Favorite place to grab food: Since I love to eat out, I have quite a few favorite spots. I love the Pita Pit, Taco del Sol, North 46, and the Brown Gringo. All are just a quick drive from campus!

Grace MulhollandGrace Mulholland

Major: Environmental Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Billings, Montana

What I love about Montana Tech: How close of a community we are. Being able to walk into most classes and know somebody at a large school is rare. At Tech it is very common!

Involvement on campus: I am involved in Environmental Engineers of Montana Tech Club (EEMT), Pacific Northwest International Section (PNWIS) environmental challenge, Honors Program, and undergraduate research.

What I think makes Butte special: All the fun outdoor activities, especially Discovery Ski Hill!

Favorite time of year, at Tech: The winter purely for skiing purposes!

Favorite Tech event: Football games! I love the tailgate parties!

Kaylee AppleyKaylee Appley

Major: Biological Sciences (Cellular & Molecular Track)
Year: Senior
Hometown: Shelby, MT

Why Montana Tech: Initially, I wanted to attend Montana State University (MSU) for Nursing, but decided to take a tour of Montana Tech, because some friends were attending here. While here, I realized that Tech was the perfect place for me. The smaller class sizes suited the learning style I developed, from growing up in a small town and there are a ton of activities that allowed me to visualize myself here. Most importantly to me, there were scholarship opportunities that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Tech is a perfect fit for me and I’m so glad I made the choice to attend here!

Plans after Tech: After Tech, I hope to attend dental school, to become a Dentist!

One thing I cannot go a day without: COFFEE!! Whether I make it at home, stop by a local kiosk, or grab a coffee from the MILL building on campus, I always have a coffee to get me through the day.

Favorite time of year, at Tech: During the spring, I like to go last-minute skiing at Discovery, fly fishing the Big Hole, and hiking trails around Butte. I’m very glad when I no longer have to scrape snow off my car windows, and I can enjoy the beautiful springtime views from campus!

Favorite event(s) at Tech: Digger football games! The atmosphere is awesome, the tailgating is a blast, and there’s tons of free food and games for students. Plus, the games are high-energy and really fun to watch!

Skylar ElenbaasSkylar Elenbaas

Major: Mining Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Auorora, Colorado

What I love about Montana Tech: The great views, awesome professors, and great people you’ll meet here!

What I think makes Butte special: I love how small Butte is! The drive anywhere in town is short and you get to drive past some unique history.

Involvement on campus: I’m involved in Women in Mining, Society of Mining and Metallurgy Exploration, and Mining Team.

Favorite event at Tech: M days because it’s a great stress reliever! They plan so many fun events throughout the week and it’s just a great break from the grind of school.

Favorite Residence Hall on campus: Centennial. While it’s not the party dorm it has a pretty cool movie room and suites. I stayed in the suite and I had my own separate room and had a common living area. I highly recommend it.

Avery LondoAvery Londo

Major: Civil Engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Columbus, OH

I cannot go a day without: Caffeine!

What I think makes Butte special: Everyone is super friendly and always excited to talk to Tech students. The community here is very supportive and outgoing. Butte is also surrounded by so many great outdoor activities. There is always something to do and another place to explore.

Plans after Tech: I want to get a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering.

Campus Involvement: I am involved in the Society of Women in Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, Concrete Canoe, Engineers Without Borders, and Chi Alpha. I am also a teaching assistant in the Civil Engineering Department.

Favorite place to grab food off campus: Bonanza Freeze is one of my favorites, especially on late nights. Probably the best place for shakes in town!

Jeff GuthrieJeff Guthrie

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Spring Creek, NV

Favorite class at Tech: Physics

Favorite spot on campus: The Coffee shop in the Mill

What I think makes Butte special: The people. Moving from out of state and finding a town like Butte has been the best experience I could ask for

In 5 years I hope to be: Using my degree in some way and coaching football

Favorite Montana Tech Professor: Professor Jim Girard

Hardest class I have taken: Chemistry, hands down. Study hard for that one!

Jhett BraleyJhett Braley

Major: Business Management
Year: Junior
Hometown: Billings, MT

Favorite spot on campus: I enjoy the new Student Success Center the most, because of all the different study areas it offers!

Plan after Tech: After Tech I want to pursue a career in the golf industry

Favorite place to grab food on campus: The Student Success Center

Favorite place to grab food off campus: I love Subway or Pita Pit!

I decided to attend Montana Tech because: I met so many great students and faculty on my visit that were so embracing. The golf team is also very talented and I wanted to be a part of that!

In 5 years I hope to be: Working in the golf industry either as an assistant pro or something else. Hopefully in nice weather!

What I love about Montana Tech: I love the welcoming atmosphere. No matter who you meet, it seems everyone is friendly and looks out for one another.

One thing I can’t go a day without: Listening to music

Johannes ChandlerJohannes Chandler

Major: Environmental Engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Absarokee, Montana

Why Montana Tech: Tech is an engineering school with an environment as professional as any, and yet small enough to care about individuals.

Plans after Tech: I want to pursue a career in Environmental Engineering, specifically in water treatment.

I cannot go a day without: Music, podcasts, or being outside

A MUST that I carry in my backpack: I can’t go anywhere without a calculator. I sometimes won’t use it for days, but without it I am useless

Favorite place to grab food off campus: The Front Street Market

Johnali JohnsJohnali Johns

Major: Biological Sciences (Cellular & Molecular Track)
Year: Junior
Hometown: Stevensville, Montana

Why Montana Tech: When I was deciding on what school to attend, I was in search of an institute where I would be known by name, not just by my student ID number. At Tech, I am valued as a human, not just as a student. Tech embraces each student’s differences and works to make all individuals feel at home. Along with these qualities, Tech offers a great education and high job placements, within a variety of fields!

Research projects: Currently, I am studying the storage life of blood before transfusions occur. I am working with Dr. Ryan Stapley, along with an incredible group of peers. Through this, I am learning meaningful scientific and medical skills that I can carry on into my future career. This also gives me a great platform to encourage people to go donate blood!!

Three celebrities I would invite to a dinner party: Janis Joplin, Freddy Mercury, and Harry Styles. I think it would be inspiring if these three creative and progressive minds came together. At the very least, the charisma in the room would be hilarious to hang out with!

What I think makes Butte special: Butte is one of those small towns that quickly grows on you! Park Street is lined with small businesses, giving us the option to shop locally in a variety of ways, and the entire town is dedicated to family ideologies. It is always remarkable to see an entire community come out and celebrate special occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day, or the Folk Festival, all together!

One thing I cannot go a day without: Music! If you walked into a room where I thought I was alone I can almost guarantee you will find me, headphones-in-ears, dancing like an idiot! Indie and Rock n’ Roll tend to be among my favorites, but please send me suggestions. I will listen to them all!!

Nathaneal RawlinsNathaneal Rawlins

Major: Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Danbury, CT

Why Montana Tech: I chose to attend Tech for the excellent Metallurgical & Materials Engineering program.

Favorite spot on campus: My go-to spot is the outdoor seating area behind the MILL building. It’s the perfect place to sit, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee!

What I love about Montana Tech: Hands-down the best aspect of Tech is how the professors are easy to approach and speak to. You can talk to them both inside and outside the classroom.

A MUST that I carry in my backpack: As an engineering student, I am NEVER without a calculator.

Hardest class I’ve taken: Chemistry II was definitely the most interesting class I’ve taken.

Evan GuengrichEvan Guengrich

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Gardiner, MT 

The best dorm on campus (in my opinion): Centennial Hall. I like that the rooms have sinks and the location of the building on campus.

Favorite event(s) at Tech: My favorite events of the year are M-Days! It’s a full week of nothing but fun games, giveaways, and free food!!

Why Montana Tech: I chose Montana Tech because it has this immediate welcoming feeling that doesn’t exist at larger colleges. The personal connections I’ve developed with my professors help to keep me engaged in schoolwork. Even though Tech is smaller in size, the campus gives you great access to quality laboratories. At the end of the day, the quality education that is offered at such a reasonable price is hard to beat anywhere.

Favorite time of year, at Tech: Fall is the best season to be at Tech. I love seeing the morning fog, with the fall colors, as I walk to class in the morning.

Favorite spot on campus: The Mill. I love walking over there and grabbing a quick coffee in between classes!

Brie BirkenbuelBrie Birkenbuel

Major: Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Butte, MT 

What I love about Montana Tech: My favorite thing about Tech is that the small class sizes allow me to work with my professors one-on-one. This was very helpful when I was taking a challenging class.

One thing I cannot go a day without: My planner contains all of my very important deadlines and information for classes. Without it, I would be so unorganized and feel scattered.

Favorite place to grab food off-campus: I love the Pita Pit and North 46. North 46 is a little out of my college budget, but totally worth it!

Favorite time of year, at Tech: During the first few weeks of the fall semester, students get to join new clubs, meet new people, go tailgating, and the weather is nice – most of the time. Plus, there are rarely any tests or significant assignments due!

Involvement on campus: I am currently a Senator for ASMT, a Student Officer for the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), and part of the Pre-Professional Health, Biology, and Chemistry clubs. Being involved in clubs is an excellent way to volunteer and meet new people.