Meet our Student Ambassadors, known as Prospectors at Montana Tech. With diverse interests from metallurgy to nursing, these incredible student leaders provide campus tours, serve on student discussion panels, help out at campus events, and are collectively a great resource for prospective students considering Tech.

Montana Tech's Prospectors


Allyson CleverlyAllyson Cleverly

Major: Biological Sciences (Cellular and Molecular Track)
Year: Senior
Hometown: Butte, Montana

  1. Weirdest study hack: I have to eat sunflower seeds when I’m studying!
  2. Plans after Tech: After Tech, I hope to go to medical school and eventually become an OB/GYN.
  3. What I think makes Butte special: Butte is my hometown and I have loved growing up here. I love the community and how supportive the town is. They love Montana Tech, its students, and its athletes!
  4. How I get to campus: I only live a few blocks from campus, so on nice days I like to walk if I have time.
  5. Favorite place to grab food off campus: Since I love to eat out, I have quite a few favorite spots. I love the Pita Pit, Taco del Sol, North 46, and the Brown Gringo. All are just a quick drive from campus!

Andy LarsonAndy Larson

Major: Construction Technology & Carpentry
Year: Senior
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

  1. Favorite class at Tech: Business Law. Professor Samm Cox has a lot of first hand experience in the field and is super knowledgeable, so he has a lot of really interesting and relevant stories.
  2. What I think makes Butte special: The unique history and it being a very old town, makes a combination for some very cool, old buildings and lots of awesome sights around the city. Plus, the location is very close to all the activities you could ever want.
  3. Favorite place to grab food off campus: Christina's Cocina. I was put onto it by a co-worker and it is some great food! I love the cilantro chicken roll.
  4. Favorite event(s) at Tech: So far, it’s been the entrepreneurship panel put on by Professor Todd Tregidga. It was really interesting to gather knowledge from actual entrepreneurs. The panel was super great at answering questions, and while this was a shorter event it was by far the most educational.
  5. A MUST that I carry in my backpack: A notebook is essential. A lot of my classes are open note tests and so it can ease the load on your studying if you take good notes and pay attention.

Jeff GuthrieJeff Guthrie

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Spring Creek, Nevada

  1. Favorite class at Tech: Physics
  2. Favorite spot on campus: The coffee shop in the Mill
  3. What I think makes Butte special: The people. Moving from out of state and finding a town like Butte has been the best experience I could ask for
  4. In 5 years I hope to be: Using my degree in some way and coaching football
  5. Favorite Montana Tech Professor: Professor Jim Girard

Jhett BraleyJhett Braley

Major: Business Management
Year: Senior
Hometown: Billings, Montana

  1. Favorite spot on campus: I enjoy the new Student Success Center the most, because of all the different study areas it offers!
  2. Why Montana Tech: I met so many great students and faculty on my visit that were so embracing. The golf team is also very talented and I wanted to be a part of that!
  3. In 5 years I hope to be: Working in the golf industry either as an assistant pro or something else. Hopefully in nice weather!
  4. What I love about Montana Tech: I love the welcoming atmosphere. No matter who you meet, it seems everyone is friendly and looks out for one another.
  5. I cannot go a day without: Listening to music.

Johannes ChandlerJohannes Chandler

Major: Environmental Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Absarokee, Montana

  1. A MUST that I carry in my backpack: A calculator. I sometimes won’t use it for days, but without it I am useless.
  2. Why Montana Tech: Tech is an engineering school with an environment as professional as any, and yet small enough to care about individuals.
  3. Favorite place to grab food off campus: The Front Street Market.
  4. Plans after Tech: I want to pursue a career in water treatment.
  5. I cannot go a day without: Music, podcasts, or being outside.

Johnali JohnsJohnali Johns

Major: Exercise & Health Science
Year: Senior
Hometown: Stevensville, Montana

  1. Why Montana Tech: When I was deciding on what school to attend, I was in search of an institute where I would be known by name, not just by my student ID number. At Tech, I am valued as a human, not just as a student. Tech embraces each student’s differences and works to make all individuals feel at home. Along with these qualities, Tech offers a great education and high job placements, within a variety of fields!
  2. Research projects: I have studied the storage life of blood before transfusions occur. I worked with Dr. Ryan Stapley, along with an incredible group of peers. Through that, I learned meaningful scientific and medical skills that I can carry on into my future career. This also gives me a great platform to encourage people to go donate blood!!
  3. Three celebrities I would invite to a dinner party: Janis Joplin, Freddy Mercury, and Harry Styles. I think it would be inspiring if these three creative and progressive minds came together. At the very least, the charisma in the room would be hilarious to hang out with!
  4. What I think makes Butte special: Butte is one of those small towns that quickly grows on you! Park Street is lined with small businesses, giving us the option to shop locally in a variety of ways, and the entire town is dedicated to family ideologies. It is always remarkable to see an entire community come out and celebrate special occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day, or the Folk Festival, all together!
  5. Plans after Tech: I plan to attend a 3.5 year program to earn my D.C. degree and then pursue a career in Chiropractics. I am currently in the application process, and excited to see where I will be heading off next fall!

Montana RiceMontana Rice

Major: Nursing
Year: Senior
Hometown: Troy, Montana

  1. Weirdest study hack: Before tests I have to listen to Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi on repeat.
  2. What I love about Montana Tech: The smaller sizes of classes that allow you to get to know your professors better.
  3. Favorite spot on campus: The Mill. It’s a nice spot to grab a coffee between class and study!
  4. Favorite event at Tech: Tailgating and the football games!
  5. Favorite place to grab food off campus: I love to go to Casagranda’s for a nice dinner!

Nathaneal RawlinsNathanael Rawlins

Major: Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Danbury, Connecticut

  1. Why Montana Tech: I chose to attend Tech for the excellent Metallurgical & Materials Engineering program.
  2. Most intelligent person I know: My older brother.
  3. Favorite class at Tech: Metallurgy Thermodynamics.
  4. A MUST that I carry in my backpack: As an engineering student, I am NEVER without a calculator.
  5. Involvement on campus: I am involved in club MET, Senior Design, and the Prospector program.

Shelby SchweigertShelby Schweigert

Major: Statistics
Year: Senior
Hometown: Fairfield, Montana

  1. My hero: My mama
  2. Three celebrities I would invite to a dinner party: Bob Green, Post Malone, and Rihanna
  3. Weirdest study hack: I must take everything out of my backpack before studying.
  4. The animal I most relate to or identify with:  Frog. Because they like to hangout in water, and I relate.
  5. Most intelligent person I know: My brother


Evan GuengrichEvan Guengerich

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Gardiner, Montana

  1. The best dorm on campus (in my opinion): Centennial Hall. I like that the rooms have sinks and the location of the building on campus.
  2. Involvement on campus: Baja club, ASMT (student government) and mechanical engineering undergraduate research.
  3. Favorite event at Tech: M-Days! It’s a full week of nothing but fun games, giveaways, and free food!!
  4. The animal I most relate to or identify with:  A wolf. They like freedom around them and like to explore, much like the adrenaline junkie in me. They are intelligent and like to think but aren't afraid of working in a team. Plus I took a quiz and that’s what it told me.
  5. Research projects: I work in the biochar lab, where I work on using biochar surfaces and mechanical systems to accelerate carbon dioxide capture. Which means we’re trying to take carbon dioxide out of the air and recycle it.

Rilee GreenRilee Green

Major: Civil Engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Butte, Montana

  1. What I think makes Butte special: The people! Butte has some of the nicest people I've met, and it really feels like a community here.
  2. Three celebrities I would invite to a dinner party: Adam Sandler, because who wouldn’t want Adam Sandler at their dinner party, Stevie Nicks, because she’s been one of my favorite singers since middle school, and Roger Federer, because he’s the GOAT of tennis.
  3. One thing I cannot go a day without: My watch!
  4. Involvement on campus: I am currently involved in American Society of Civil Engineers, Concrete Canoe, and Swing Dance Club.
  5. In 5 years I hope to be: Homesteading on a couple of acers, while using my degree in either construction or the design field.

Rylan SignalnessRylan Signalness

Major: Occupational Safety & Health
Year: Junior
Hometown: Fairfield, Montana

  1. Why Montana Tech: The incredible job placement rate, affordable tuition, and vast degree options. At Montana Tech there is a degree for you, whether you’re passionate about a specific field or a little unsure and need more guidance, you will gain incredible mentors to help lead you into your future career.
  2. A MUST that I carry in my backpack: An emergency stash of Lactaid. You never know when you might accidentally ingest the indetectable spawns of the devils, but it can surely ruin your class experience. It’s also always a good idea to carry extra hand sanitizer, Kleenex, and cold medicine due to the germy nature of your peers.
  3. The animal I most relate to or identify with:  Most definitely the common trash panda, I mean raccoon. I will 100% steal your food when you’re not looking, I look cute but can be surprisingly rabid, and I can be a resourceful problem solver. My friends, coworkers, and boss refer to me as Rocket, after the Guardians of the Galaxy character, but I can assure you I don’t know how to fly a spaceship.
  4. Favorite place to grab food off campus: La Sirena, a small authentic street taco place with unbeatable flavor. It is located down the hill from campus and makes a great quick and delicious dinner or lunch! Also, Butte Brewing Company serves affordable and unbeatable pizza and salads, about 6 minutes away from campus!
  5. Weirdest study ritual I have: Shoutout to all my Grey’s Anatomy fans, the superhero pose 5 minutes before a stressful test is always a must. It might be a placebo effect, but when you see me outside the classroom pretending to be superwoman, just give me 5, and let’s roll!

Sequoia PflugSequoia Pflug

Double Major: Software Engineering & Computer Science
Year: Junior
Hometown: Anaconda, Montana

  1. Favorite class at Tech: Embedded Systems with Bryce Hill! I loved the hands-on experience of combining code with electronics.
  2. Favorite spot on campus: Big Butte Open Space Park. It’s so cool to have such a large area for hiking and mountain biking right next to campus. It makes for a great place to escape to after a long day of classes!
  3. What I love about Butte: The massive amounts of uncrowded, public wilderness in every direction, which makes for world class mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, and skiing!
  4. Plans after Tech: I hope to work on software in the aviation industry, which might include drones, avionics, or flight simulators.
  5. Involvement on campus: Chi Alpha, The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). I also tutor for the computer science department.


Lily KemmerLily Kemmer

Major: Environmental Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Colstrip, Montana

  1. Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is the Mill. I love going there to study or do homework, and being able to grab a coffee when I need a break is perfect.
  2. Favorite place to grab food off-campus: My favorite stop in Butte is a tie between the Hummingbird Café and Taco Del Sol. The Hummingbird is great for breakfast on the weekends. I like going to Taco Del Sol when I need a quick meal. Both are great places.
  3. I cannot go a day without: My earbuds. I love listening to music while getting ready in the morning and on my way to class.
  4. Why Montana Tech: I fell in love with the old-style buildings in Butte and on campus. I also liked how welcoming the faculty at Montana Tech were.
  5. Favorite time of year, at Tech: Fall, because I love seeing the trees slowly become a rainbow of colors as the season changes.

Marshall CornwallMarshall Cornwall

Major: Mining Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Hunters, Washington

  1. What I love about Butte: I love all of the history Butte has to offer.
  2. Favorite event at Tech: The Career Fair is a great time to make connections with potential employers.
  3. Campus invovlement: I am on the Mining Team.
  4. Favorite dorm: The Living Learning Center (LLC)
  5. My hero: My father