Advisors can access their Advisee List using EAB Navigate.

Via EAB Navigate in MyMtech

  1. Choose “Important Links” and “Faculty Resources” (shown here in the desktop version)

important links

  1. Click on EAB Navigate Link

EAB link

  1. If needed, sign in using MTech credentials
  2. The Navigate “Staff Home” will show your assigned students for that semester.

staff home

  1. Click on a student to see more information about them, including their major, student ID, Academic Standing, email, phone number, and holds

Navigate training coming Spring 2022!

Student Registration PINs

Advisors can view their students’ alt PIN for registration using OrediggerWeb in MyMtech.

  1. Click on the Faculty & Advisors link to access OrediggerWeb.

Student Registration Step 1

  1. Click on the “Student Search” link.

Student Registration Step 2

  1. Select the term for which the student will be registering and search for them using either their 799- number or their name, then select the student from the list that populates.

Student Registration Step 1

  1. When you are on the student’s profile, click the “Registration Notices” button in the top right. This will show important information about the students including their alt PIN.

Student Registration Step 4

Advisors may also contact the Registrar’s office for a full list of their students and alt PINs.