Front of Key Authorization card
Back of Key Authorization card

All key requests need to be submitted to the facilities department via a key request card.

The key request card needs to be filled out completely with all the pertinent information asked for on the card, and the signature of the person submitting the key request and the signature of the department head or director approving the key request must be completed.

Once the key card has been submitted to Facilities, and once the keys have been created, Facilities will send out an email letting the person know that their keys are ready for pick up.

Persons will have to sign for their keys when they pick them up. The persons are then responsible for the policies and guidelines as outlined on the back of the key request card. Persons are also responsible for the cost to replace lost keys, and also the cost to potentially rekey multiple doors or a whole building, if needed, based on the type of key that is lost.

When a person leaves a certain assignment, or they end their employment with Montana Tech, they are required to turn their keys back in to the facilities offices. They are not permitted to just hand off their keys to a supervisor, or to pass on their keys to the person replacing them in a particular job.