Distinguished Researcher Awards Call for Nomination

Each year since 2002, Montana Tech has presented the Distinguished Researcher Awards and Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Award to honor faculty and MBMG staff for their contributions to research and scholarly activity.

The Distinguished Researcher Award is given to a faculty member for each college or school and the MBMG who has accomplished high research activity and productivity at Montana Tech over the past 3 years.

The Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Award honors one researcher who has demonstrated extraordinary, long-term research accomplishments at Montana Tech.

Nominations for both awards are due in March of each year and eligible nominees will be invited to submit application packages in mid-April annually. The awards are presented at the Awards TGIF at the end of each spring semester.

The Distinguished Research Award(s) and the Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Award are reviewed by the Distinguished Research Award Committee with members comprised from past recipients.

Annual Distinguished Researcher Award Winners
Year First Name Last Name Department
2019 Katherine Zodrow Lance College of Mines and Engineering
2019 Isabel Sobral Campos CLSPS
2019 Elizabeth Meredith MBMG
2020 Elyse Lovell Highlands College
2020 Stella Capoccia Biological Sciences
2020 Jesse Mosolf MBMG
2020 Raja Nagisetty  Environmental Engineering
2021 Alysia Cox Chemistry & Geochemistry
2021 Atish Mitra Mathematical Sciences
2021 Jack  Skinner Mechanical Engineering
2022 Chris  Danielson Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
2022 Peter Lucon Mechanical Engineering 
2023 Marisa Pedulla Biology
2023 Roger Jensen  Safety, Health, and Industrial Hygiene
2023 Yann Gavillot MBMG
Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Award Winners
Year First Name Last Name Department
2012 Robin McCulloch MBMG
2013 Richard Rossi Mathematical Sciences
2014 Amy Kuenzi Biological Sciences
2015 Susan Vuke MBMG
2016 Courtney Young Metallurgy
2017 Daniel Trudnowski Electrical Engineering
2017 Chris Gammons Geological Engineering
2018 Huang Hsin-Hsiung Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
2019 Mike Stickney MBMG
2020 Mary MacLaughlin Geological Engineering
2021 Marvin Speece Geological Engineering
2022  John  Amtmann Biological Sciences
2023 Jerry Downey  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
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