To purchase your parking permit, pay tickets, and or appeal a ticket, please visit the Business Services office in the Student Success Center.
  • Parking permits are required to park on campus. These are hanging permits so if you have more than one vehicle that you drive you only have to purchase one permit and just make sure it is hanging in the vehicle you are driving onto campus.  The parking permits are for one person only not to be shared.  Do not loan your permit to your friends or partners.  You are responsible for any tickets received on your parking permit.  The parking lots are designated with signs to tell you what permit is required.  This is for all paved and unpaved lots.  There is no place on the Tech campus you can park without a permit (see the attached detailed parking maps). Tickets will be issued for no permit, parking in a lot other than the one on your permit, parking in a loading and or fire zone, no parking zones which are designated by diagonal stripes.
  • Please purchase your parking permit online by going to MY MTECH on the Tech Web Page. Sign in and then go to “Important Links”, scroll down and click on parking decal.  Follow the directions when filling out the online form. Select pay with credit card when you are done filling out your information. We will then mail out your parking decal. If you don’t have a credit card to pay with, you can pay at the business office with cash or check.

    If a 3rd party sponsor is paying for your parking decal, choose pay in the Office and provide a receipt to the Business Office.

  • Permit designations are “A” faculty and staff: “B” off campus students: “D” resident hall students.
  • All yellow curbs and hatched areas are “NO PARKING” at any time. Turning on your flasher does not make it legal to park in a no parking zone.
  • All handicapped areas are Handicap Permit parking only.  If you have a handicapped permit, you are required to purchase a MT Tech parking permit and both are to be displayed.  The hatched areas next to the handicap parking spaces are also handicap spaces and the fine for parking there is $100.00.  If there are no handicapped parking spaces available, you may park in any of the Visitor parking spots.  If you have a 30 day or less injury you may pick up a handicap form in the Business Office to be filled out by your doctor.  We will issue you a temporary handicap permit.
  • The first section on the first Tier to the stairs is “A” permit only. Once you are past the stairs on both sides of the row it is “B” parking.
  • There are designated motorcycle parking spaces. This is for motorcycle parking only, motorcycles are not permitted to park in any other to parking spaces.
  • Students, Faculty, and Staff are not allowed to park in the visitor parking for any reason. The visitor parking is for people coming to visit the campus.
  • If your permit is lost or stolen, notify the Business Office immediately for a replacement.
  • If you are in possession of permit that has been reported lost or stolen, you may lose parking privileges on campus for up to one year.  Alteration or duplication of a parking permit shall result in a fine and/or revocation of parking privileges for up to one academic year.
  • You may file an appeal for parking tickets you believe you received unfairly.  The appeal must be filed within 30 days from the date of the ticket.  If you receive more than two tickets, your vehicle may be booted and will not be released until your fines are paid.  The same applies if the vehicle you are driving is not registered to you, or you have out of state plates.
  • If you are a third party pay such as Voc. Rehab: Fill out the information on My MTech to get a parking decal and select pay in the office at the end. Call or go to the business office and notify them that a third party is paying for your decal.
  • Parking permits are issued to one person only. You cannot share your permit with your roommate, significant other, and/or friends. 
  • The hatched areas next to the handicap parking spaces are for wheelchair access only.  These are not additional parking spaces.  Should you park in one of these spots you will be issued a fine of $100.00.

Full Year Parking Permit Prices

  • Hanging Permits: $105.00 per year
  • Motorcycle Permits: $25.00

January/Spring Parking Permit Prices

  • Hanging Permits: $55.00
  • Motorcycle Permits: $25.00

Parking Fines

  • Parking Fines: $45.00
  • Handicap parking fines: $100.00

City Bus

The City Bus does not charge anyone to ride the bus.  The bus arrives on Park Street in front of the SUB on the half hour and out at the Highlands College on the hour.  You can get the Bus routes on

Detailed Maps


Parking decals are now purchased through the Business Office so you can do everything in one place!

  1. Go to MyMtech link at the top of the Montana Tech website
  2. Go "Important Links"
  3. Scroll down and click on parking decal
  4. Verify your address
  5. Select the type of decal you are purchasing.
    1. D decals are for students living in the dorms.
    2. B decals are for students not living in the dorms.
    3. A decals are for Faculty/Staff
  6. Click confirm
  7. Scroll down to the bottom and check the box that you are aware of the policies
  8. Select Pay with a Credit Card
  9. If a 3rd party sponsor is paying your decal or you are paying in office, choose “Pay in Office.”
  10. Pick up decal in the Business Office (SSC 3.127)

If you have any questions about purchasing a decal, please call the business office at 406-496-4250 or email us at

Fill out the parking appeal form and email to Business or turn it into the Business Office. The appeal will be submitted to the Parking committee. You will be contacted by the Parking Committee when a decision has been made.

Please contact the business office at 406-496-4250.

Please contact the business office at 406-496-4250.

Please contact the business office at 406-496-4250.

Look at the map here. If you have any other questions about where to park, please contact the business office at 406-496-4250.

Questions about Parking?

We would be glad to answer any questions you have about parking on campus.

Business Office