Chemistry is a central science, and career opportunities for chemistry graduates include every letter in the alphabet.

A: Agricultural Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Art Restoration, Archaeologist

B: Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biomechanical Engineering, Broker (Technical Stocks), Botanist

C: Combinatorial Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Cosmetics, Cosmology (chemistry in space), Ceramicist, and Climate Studies

D: Dentistry, Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Medicine

E: Education, Electrochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Expert Witness, Epi-genomics

F: Forensic Anthropology, Food Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Fragrance Chemist, Fermentation

G: Geochemistry, Geology, Genetic Engineer, Genomics, Genomic Engineer

H: Hazardous Waste, Health Industry, Herbalist

I: Inorganic Chemistry, Industrial Hygiene, Instrument Development

J: Journalist, Judge, Junior High School Teacher

K: Keratotomist, Kinesthesiologist

L: Lawyer (Environmental, Patent), Limnology

M: Management, Material Science, Medicine, Medical Technician, Medicinal Chemistry, Metallurgist, Mass Spectrometrist, Microbiologist, Molecular Biologist

N: Nuclear Chemistry and Medicine, Nanotechnology, Neurophysiology, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopist (MRI)

O: Oceanic Chemistry, Oceanographer, Organic Chemistry, Optometry

P: Personal Care Products, Petrochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Perfumer, Paleontologist, Paleobiologist, Preservationist

Q: Quantitative Analyst, Qualitative Analyst, Quality Control Specialist, Quantum Chemist

R: Research, Recycling, Remediation and Restoration (Environmental)

S: Synthesis, Sales, Safety, Semiconductors, Surface Chemistry, Science Writer, Spectroscopist

T: Toxicology, Technical Writer, Translator, Teacher, Trial Lawyer

U: Underwriter, Undertaker, Ultrasonic Technician, University Professor, Ultramicroscopist

V: Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Technician, Visualization, and Virtualization

W: Waste Water Treatment

X: X-Ray Crystallography, Xeroscapist, Xeno-biology and chemistry (chemistry on other planets)

Y: Ytterbium or Yttrium (Inorganic) Chemist

Z: Zymurgist, Zoologist