A resume is designed to concisely summarize your experience.

The information on this page is a compilation of opinions and tips based on years of working with employers and reviewing student resumes. Please consider these tips, but know that everyone will give you a different opinion. If you like it, keep it; if not, don’t. 

This Resume Guide is a sample layout and includes the most important resume information. It is recommended as a guide for content, not design.

See the video below from CareerSpots on how to make your resume pop.


Templates from a Microsoft Word like program can give you a good place to start. However, you risk having your resume look like other resumes for the position. If you use a template, here is some guidance on using them. First, avoid any with pictures. Most US companies don’t accept resumes with pictures. Second, avoid anything overdesigned. Employers just want to see if you are fit for the job. Third, play around with the design, changing font and some elements can help it look unique. The best choice is creating your resume from a blank page, but we all can’t be graphic designers. Make your resume stand out from the crowd as much as you can – use your own style. While building resumes from the ground up is always the best method, tweaking templates can work too, just make sure it’s unique and represents you.

Resume Length

With less than 5 years of related experience, a resume should be limited to one page. (Employers report that they prefer one concise page; they review each resume for less than 20 seconds.) It is ok to have a separate page for professional references; include your name and contact information at the top of the page. With extensive experience, a resume should never exceed two pages.  An exception is a Curriculum Vitae (or a resume) for an individual applying for academic positions.


Name (Make it clear and easy to read.)
Street Address (Use the address where an employer can reach you now; including a permanent address also is fine. Remove if you are posting to job search sites.)
City, State  Zip
Telephone Number (Use the best number or numbers to reach you.)
Email (Use the account you check regularly; create a professional email address if you don’t have one: your name@carrier.com, for example. Do not underline your email address.)


Use two lines or less for each school. Include the following:

Degree/Major (i.e. Business Information Technology, Accounting Option, etc.) 
Name of the School (Montana Tech or Montana Technological University or Montana Tech Highlands College.)
City, State (Butte, MT)
GPA (List your exact GPA; do not estimate or round. If it is 3.00 or less, consider excluding, but be honest if employers ask for it. Know what employers expect as their minimum.)
Anticipated Graduation Date (December 2023, May 2024, etc.)

Work Experience

List the heading as "Work Experience" rather than "Work History" with details about the skills gained at each position.

Dates Employed (Use a "From – To" format.)
Employer (Company Name; include City, State if space permits; exclude supervisor information.)
Position Title (Engineering Intern, Accounting Intern, Database Technician, etc.)
Key Responsibilities (2-3 main duties)

Begin bullet points with Action Verbs (present tense for present job; past tense for past jobs)

  • Delivered materials to job sites
  • Trained new employees
  • Supervised and trained employees in HAZMAT
  • Delivered pizza in a timely fashion
  • Investigated, mediated, and resolved problems
  • Provided excellent customer service
  • Handled cash

Describe how you demonstrate(d) skills within experiences, but do not repeat the same skill. If you have had similar positions, focus on what is different or unique.

Other Information (list specific headings: honors, organizations, activities, etc.)
Each person has different skills and sections on the resume. Depending upon what your past experiences include, there may be additional sections you can include on your resume. See Resume Guide; include only relevant headings and information that will help you get that "next" job. 


References do not go on the resume. You will usually provide them as a separate document, or via the employer’s application system. Employers report that they do not prefer the "references available" statement. Don’t forget your contact information if you put them on a separate document. It should match the header of your resume.

  • Typically employers request 3 professional references. Professional means that that person can talk about your work skills. 
  • Ask the person's permission and if they will give you a good reference.
  • Who is going to be able to best talk about your skills in the workplace?
Resume Dos and Don'ts
• make it easy to read • use distortions or lies
• be specific if using an objective statement • be too long
• list education before experience • have errors/misspellings
• use action verbs • lack specifics
• use results language (your achievements) • repeat the information in a summary at the top
• show what you can add to the company • list irrelevant information/materials
• use consistent punctuation and headings • include high school graduation date (it is an age indicator)
• list all information in reverse chronological order • use personal pronouns (except sometimes in objective statement)
• use concise phrases rather than sentences & paragraphs • include personal information (age, birth date, sex, religion, marital status, citizenship, etc)
• provide a list of skills (describe these within the appropriate experience section)  

Resume Reviews

Upload your resume to DR 2.0. The resume is automatically reviewed and we will give you feedback. Contact Career Services for additional information, stop by University Relations Center Room 109, email careerservices@mtech.edu or call 406-496-4140.

You can always schedule a one-on-one appointment through DR 2.0! Log in to your account, https://mtech.12twenty.com/Login, scroll down to "Appointments" and check the available times listed. If there are no available times, please email careerservices@mtech.edu or call 406-496-4140 Career Services with two or three times you are available or check walk-in hours for the current semester.