Gary Wyss

Manager, Analytical Instrument Laboratory
ELC Building, Room 124


M.S., Geochemistry, Montana Tech
B.S., Geology, University of Wisconsin – Madison

About Gary

Gary has over 30 years of experience working in and managing analytical laboratories, including MSE Technology Applications, HKM Analytical Laboratory, MSE-HKM Analytical Laboratory, and MSE Analytical Laboratory. His past roles have included analytical chemist, Team Leader-Metals Analysis, Organic Chemist, Quality Assurance Officer, Senior Scientist and Lab Manager. At CAMP Gary oversees all analytical instrumentation, running the scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffraction and wet chemistry laboratories, and is responsible for all instrument maintenance. Gary’s deep experience includes laboratory work, pilot plant work, process development, management, applied water treatment technologies, environmental compliance, and research. CAMP greatly benefits from Gary’s unparalleled expertise in elemental and mineralogical analysis, which is requested worldwide from clients in both academia and industry.

Selected Publications

Das, A.; Hill, B.; Rossiter, P.; Wyss, G.; Young, C. Characterization and processing of plant tailings for the recovery of fine garnet – a case study. Separation Science and Technology, 2021, 56(4), 821-833.

Zhou, Z.; Zhou, X.; Apple, M.E.; Miao, J.; Wyss, G.F.; Spangler, L.  Quantification of cell concentration in biofuel-important microalgae using hyperspectral reflectance and hyperspectral extinction coefficient. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2019, 40(23), 8764-8792(29).

Sarfo, P.; Wyss, G.; Ma, G.; Das, A.; Young, C. Carbothermal reduction of copper smelter slag for recycling into pig iron and glass. Minerals Engineering 2017, 107, 8-19.

Murphy, J.P.; Andriolo, J.M.; Ross, B.M.; Wyss, G.F.; Zander, N.E.; Skinner, J.L. Organometallic halide perovskite synthesis in polymer melt for improved stability in high humidity. MRS Advances, 2016, 1(47), 3207-3213.   

Andriolo, J.M.; Hensleigh, R.M.; McConnell, C. A.; Pedulla, M.; Hailer, K.; Kasinath, R.; Wyss, G.; Gleason, W.; Skinner, J.L. Iron-doped apatite nanoparticles for improvement of phage therapy. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 2014, 32(6), 06FD01.

Selected Presentations

Wyss, G.F.; Logar, A.; Foote, M.; Jaynes, N.; Zaluski, M.H.; Hogan, M. Geochemical laboratory Testing of Nano-sized Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) for Mending an Existing Permeable Reactive Barrier in the 100-D Area at the Hanford Site. International Perspectives on Environmental Nanotechnology, Chicago, IL, Conference Proceedings, 1, 135-139, 2008.