Campus Heating System Upgrade Project - Phase 3

May 6, 2024 – August 9, 2024

Phase 3 of the campus heating systems upgrade will occur this summer starting in May 2024. This part of the project includes digging up the section of Park street from the Marcus Daly statue down to the west corner of the Student Union building. This will be part one of Phase three.

This will require the section of Park street described above to be closed to campus traffic. The driveways into the Prospector Parking lot, the Chancellor’s house driveway, the concrete surface onto the Quad, and the driveway east of the MG will be closed, and not accessible from Park Street.

Underground tunnel portions will be installed in the street to allow for steam supply piping, and condensate return piping to be installed in the new tunnel section. It is anticipated that this work will go on from the beginning of the second week of May through mid August of 2024. Once the tunnel is installed and buried underground then new asphalt will be installed on this section of Park Street.

Campus traffic will need to be routed along Granite Street during this process. A driveway apron will be installed off of Granite Street that allows traffic to enter into Prospector Parking lot, and to be able to make their way down Broadway street between the MG and NRRC. The service driveway that runs just west of the Student Union building will still be accessible for traffic and for deliveries, to be made to the back of the Student Union building and mail room.

May 2025 - August 2025

Part two of Phase 3 will likely be performed in the summer of 2025. This work included digging up the road between the Steam Plant and the Facilities building, as well as the whole north side of the Mill, between the Mill outside staircase, and the raised mulch landscape area. This will start at the north side of the facilities building, going around the Mill, and connecting into the tunnel system of Main Hall. A tunnel system will be installed in these areas, as well as new steam supply piping and condensate return piping. It is anticipated that by the time the academic year starts up in August 2025, that this area will be restored and ready for use. Vehicular traffic to the Mineral Museum and to the Facilities building will be affected by this work in 2025.

Future Campus Facilities Projects – Dates and Priorities TBD (2025 – 2030)

  • Main Hall - major renovations
  • Engineering Hall - major renovations
  • Campus Restroom renovations – Museum, S&E, Library, ELC, CBB
  • Campus Electrical Distribution Improvements – Museum, MG, S&E
  • Campus Exterior Masonry improvements – Sidewalks, tuckpointing, plaster repairs, etc.
  • Prospector Hall Elevator planning
  • Pool/Auxiliary Gym conversion