I. First-Year Residency Requirement:

All new entering first-year students (30 credits or less semester credit hours and under 21 years of age), with the exception of highlands college students and those students living at home or with immediate family within commuting distance from the College, are required to live on-campus for the entire first year. All first-year students seeking to be exempt from this requirement must receive written permission from the Director of Campus Life or designee. If exemption is not approved, students will be held responsible for housing charges that will be placed on their account. Exempted living conditions will be checked by the Office of Residence Life during the course of the ensuing semester. Falsified exemptions are grounds for a financial penalty.

II. Reservation Deposit:

All students requesting residence hall accommodations must submit a one-hundred dollar ($100) reservation deposit with this contract. This deposit guarantees a reservation in a residence hall and is a commitment, on the student’s part, to live there.

A. If a student decides not to attend Montana Tech or to live off campus, this application needs to be canceled in writing or by phone directly to the Office of Residence Life prior to May 1 in order to receive a deposit refund.(Calling the Enrollment Services Office does not cancel a room reservation.)

B. The one-hundred dollar ($100) reservation deposit submitted with the contract becomes a damage deposit once the student takes occupancy of the room. This deposit is refunded at the end of the contract period if there are no damage fines or other fees assessed against the student.

III. Roommate, Room Preference & Space Reservation:

Students may indicate a roommate preference on their contract/housing application form. The Office of Residence Life will make every effort to accommodate their preference. Housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. If students have a specific roommate preference they must both specify each other as a roommate choice.

A. A completed contract and $100 deposit is a reservation for a space in the residence halls. Montana Tech will be responsible for providing this space, but will not guarantee any specific room type, living option, or location preference.

B. Failure to honor a specific request will not void this contract. Subletting is not allowed.

IV. Time Period Covered by Contract:

The time period that this contract covers begins on the day that the residence halls open for the Academic Year and ends when the halls close at the end of the term for which students have contracted for housing. (See Montana Tech Academic Calendar/Student Handbook for current dates.)

A. This contract DOES NOT cover housing or food service during scheduled vacation periods or between semesters. However, with the exception of Spring Break, special arrangements can be made for students to occupy their room during some of these times at a nominal extra cost. Meal Services are not normally offered during breaks.

B. This contract is binding at the time students accept the keys to their assigned rooms.

C. All assigned rooms will be guaranteed until the first hour of classes, unless students notify the Office of Residence Life of a delay in their arrival.

V. Programming Fee:

All students residing in the Residence Halls are assessed a $20.00 programming fee per semester as determined by the Residence Hall Association. This fee is included in the room and board fees and is non-refundable.

VI. Food Service:

The Montana Tech Residence Hall Contract is a room and board contract. All residents must choose one of the meal plan options available. If a meal plan is not designated on the contract, the student will be assigned the All Access meal plan.

VII. Personal Property:

Montana Tech is not responsible for the personal belongings and property of students living in a residence hall. Students are encouraged to carry an appropriate amount of personal property and renter’s insurance. Students are also expected to lock their doors and carry their keys with them at all times.

VIII. Payment of Room and Board Fees:

Payment of room and board fees is due each semester in accordance with dates and procedures of the Montana Tech Business Office and Enrollment Services Office. There is no refund for late arrival. Students contracting for room and board while a semester is in progress will be assessed a pro-rated amount.

IX. Termination of Contract: 

A. All student residence hall contracts are for the current academic year (fall and spring semesters).

B. Residence Hall Contracts will be terminated immediately if students withdraw from or receive an honorable dismissal from college.

C. Graduation and certain internships may make students eligible to terminate their contract.

D. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to terminate the contract of any student who knowingly and willingly poses a threat to persons, property, and the well-being of the residence hall, its inhabitants, or staff. The Office may also terminate the contract of someone who disrupts the reasonable rights of other students to live and study comfortably and effectively. In these situations, no refund will be made.

X. Refunds:

If a resident terminates this contract, no refund will be allocated for the remainder of the contract period.

XI. Policy Information:

By reference, the Montana Tech College Catalog, Student Handbook, and the Residence Hall Handbook are parts of this contract. Students are expected to make themselves familiar with these documents. The Office of Residence Life and Montana Tech reserve the right to make changes in policy as the need arises. These changes will become effective when students receive proper notice.

Revised March 2019