Students encouraged to utilize free Mantra Health services for mental wellness


Finals week, the holidays, and the long, cold winter that Montana is known for are on the horizon, and stress levels are understandably high. Montana Tech is encouraging students to log in to Mantra Health to access a wide variety of free services available to help improve mental health, including coaching, counseling, and techniques to build a personalized self-care routine.

“We are really excited about our partnership with Mantra Health,” Executive Director of Student Success Sarah North Wolfe said. “With this new model, we can reach a much broader range of students.”

Mantra Health is an online telehealth service that students can access in just a few easy steps. They offer a number of services ranging from wellness coaching to clinical counseling and 24/7 crisis care.

“The whole point is that stress doesn’t turn into distress,” Mantra Health Partner Success Manager Farah Gilani told faculty and staff in a recent presentation.  “It’s important to us to see the program being utilized. It’s been a great start to the semester.”

Students can access up to 12 professional counseling sessions per academic year. Sessions do not have to be scheduled consecutively or in a single situation. Therapists are available and licensed in all 50 states, which allows students to access services over holiday breaks or when on internships or co-ops, regardless of where they are in the country.

Students also have access to emotional wellness coaching, which can be catered to their specific needs. Courses in self-care teach skills such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, relationship building, stress-reduction, crisis management, sleep hygiene, and other essential life skills.

Vice Provost for Student Success and Dean of Students Joe Cooper reports that approximately 100 students have utilized Mantra Health so far.

“Ensuring that student mental health care is accessible and inclusive is a huge priority for Montana Tech, and Mantra Health has greatly improved our ability to offer services to students when and where they need it most,” Vice Provost and Dean of Students Joe Cooper said.

To access Mantra Health click here. Students must use their email address and will be asked to complete a short onboarding questionnaire. 



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