Montana Tech Biology and PPH Clubs Holding Fundraiser

The Montana Tech Biology and Pre-Professional Health Clubs will be holding a pie in the face fundraiser on Friday, December 7th beginning at 1:00 pm in the Student Union Building. All proceeds go to “Bundle Up Butte,” a project driven by Montana Tech students to provide sweatshirts to youth in our community who need to stay warm this winter.
The participants are Doug Abbott, Provost; Carly Sanon, Women’s Head Basketball Coach; Carrie Vath, Dean of Students; Scott Risser, Department Head Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences; Matt Stepan, Athletic Director; Jim Girard, Geophysical Engineering Assistant Professor; and Bob Green, former Head Football Coach. Each participant can receive up to four pies -- two guaranteed pies and two random drawing pies. Tickets for the guaranteed pies can be purchased for $25 each. This opportunity guarantees you the ability to throw a pie at the participant you choose. The random drawing tickets are $1 each, 7 for $5, or 15 for $10 and will be placed into each participant’s bucket and randomly drawn for winners. Tickets can be purchased at the Montana Tech Student Union office from now through the time of the event or at the event.

At the conclusion of the contest, a special pie will be held for Bob Green. Silent bids are being taken starting on November 28 and running through the event on December 7. The highest bidder will have the opportunity to throw this pie at Green. Silent bids can be placed by calling Sydney Jennings at 406-498-9483 or emailing The winning bidder will be announced at approximately 1:45 pm on Friday, December 6 at the event. If the bidder is unable to throw, a stand-in thrower can be designated. What’s in this special pie? No one will know until the highest bidder splatters the pie on Green. The video of this last pie will be placed online. This is guaranteed to be an exciting throw with a guaranteed “Greenism” or two likely shared from Coach Green.