Montana Tech Celebrating Constitution Day

Montana Tech will host an event in celebration of Constitution Day, September 18. The event will kick-off at 9:00 am with Montana Tech Professor Dr. John Ray delivering a speech titled, The Constitution: A Living Document, in the Copper Lounge on the Montana Tech campus.

The Constitution is the basis for the structure and many of the processes of our government. Although it is over 200 years old, it is still a living document that must adapt to changing conditions and demands. Over time, the Constitution has been very adaptable and flexible. Dr. Ray’s talk will look at how the constitution has evolved and continues to evolve in response to our changing world.

“Montana Tech is pleased to offer the campus and community an educational program about the Constitution and thrilled to have Dr. Ray volunteer to deliver it,” noted Montana Tech Dean of Student, Dr. Carrie Vath.

The event is sponsored by Montana Tech’s Financial Aid Department.