Montana Tech Receives Donation from K and M Technology Group

The Montana Tech Petroleum Engineering Department has received a donation from K&M Technology Group for the use of a corporate license for their Extended Reach Architect (ERA) software program.

K&M Technology Group, a division of Schlumberger, is a world leader in extended reach well technology and has created a powerful well modeling software packages that helps engineers to understand loads, stresses and pressures encountered during the well construction process. The value of the software license is $250,000.

“We are very thankful for the generous donation from K&M Technology Group,” noted Montana Tech Petroleum Engineering Assistant Professor Dr. Lee Richards. “The software will be utilized by all Montana Tech Petroleum Engineering students and is available on all Petroleum Engineering lab computers and will be utilized in the PET 401 Advanced Drilling class. Students using the software will be able to model the most complex wells in existence today. Through this they will gain valuable knowledge regarding drilling conditions in difficult and cutting-edge wellbore geometries."

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