Sex. Yes. No. - and much More Coming to Montana Tech

Montana Tech brings nationally-renown healthy dating expert and author to campus on August 17, 2017.

With all the recent media attention on high profile celebrities and their sex lives, how are today’s students in high schools and on college campuses dealing with all the unhealthy sexual culture? How do they decide what is “okay” and what is “not okay” to do with a partner intimately? The old clichés of “keep it your pants” or “a young woman would never . . .” simply are not having any positive impact on today’s generation.

On August 17, at 1:00 PM in the Montana Tech Library Auditorium, Montana Tech is bringing nationally renowned author and expert, Mike Domitrz, to share the keys to handling intimacy. As the Founder of The DATE SAFE Project, Domitrz’s approach is blunt, thought-provoking, and entertaining – while being sensitive issue to this important topic. The program will reveal 3 life-changing approaches most students have never heard!

Campuses praise The DATE SAFE Project for how they present an old issue with a refreshing viewpoint. Students are provided with real solutions to talking about sex and boundaries. Students love how The DATE SAFE Project uses both humor and hard-hitting emotion to give them skills they can easily implement into their own lives instantly (literally by the time they walk out of the event).

The DATE SAFE Project’s critically-acclaimed book written by Mike Domitrz, Can I Kiss You? is used as a model by people of all ages around the world. The DATE SAFE Project has traveled the world for over a decade sharing with people of all lifestyles and backgrounds. They have spoken with professional athletes and are often utilized as an expert source for TV news and radio shows.

To learn more about The DATE SAFE Project’s upcoming presentation of his ““Can I Kiss You?” program, call Montana Tech Counselor, Cricket Pietsch at (406) 496-3730. If you would like to interview Mike Domitrz, he is always happy to accommodate the Media and News at (800) 329-9390. To inquire about taking a photo or any video shots at the school on August 17th, contact Amanda Badovinac at (406)496-4828. You can learn a great deal about Mike at (including visiting his online “Media & News Room”).

For more information, contact Cricket Pietsch at (406) 496-3730 or