Revenaugh Presents at International Conference on Economics, Business and Trade

Montana Tech Business & Information Technology faculty member Lance Revenaugh presented his publication, “Enterprise Systems in the NFL: An In-Depth Look at the San Francisco 49ers Partnership with SAP,” at the International Conference on Economics, Business and Trade (ICEBT), in Hong Kong, China on Dec 6-8, 2016.

Revenaugh’s paper examines the relationship between the American National Football League (NFL) and the impact and influence of Enterprise Systems (ES). Specifically, the global leader in ES, SAP, and their new and extensive relationship with the San Francisco 49ers are examined. Results show that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are not limited to supporting only standard business operations. SAP and other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors appear to be a major part of the future for the American National Football (NFL) league and professional sports teams worldwide. The San Francisco 49ers are the pioneers of ERP in American football and it appears that most of the NFL teams are following the 49ers lead. From the draft to the Super Bowl, American football is evolving, and so are Enterprise Systems.