Todd Presents at URC Conference, Calgary, Alberta

Montana Tech Professor Burt Todd will present the paper “An Evaluation of Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in the Elm Coulee Bakken Formation, Richland County, Montana” at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Unconventional Resources Conference (URC) in Calgary, Alberta.   The URC is a meeting of leading petroleum industry professionals looking for safe and cost-effective methods to manage and enhance production of Bakken petroleum reserves.  Dr. Todd is presenting the work on behalf of his co-authors Leo Heath and David Reichhardt, both of Montana Tech.
This presentation is part of ongoing research at Montana Tech funded by the Montana Board of Oil and Gas, and is working to safely maximize the economic impact of the Bakken petroleum resource into the future.  Results thus far suggest that, if properly managed, Bakken petroleum reserves have the potential to power the economy of the Williston Basin area for years to come, but will require skillful deployment of state-of-the-art technology.  The goal of this research project is to advance that technological effort, and the paper presents methods and technologies necessary to implement Enhanced Oil Recovery operations.