Jessica AndrioloResearch Associate and Affiliated Assistant Professor

1300 West Park Street, Butte, MT 59701


Dr. Jessica Andriolo has a B.S. degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and a M.S. degree in Health Sciences from Montana State University. During her doctoral studies, Dr. Andriolo performed most of her research in the Montana Tech Nanotechnology Laboratory (MTNL) and traveled back and forth to the University of Montana to complete her coursework. She received a Ph.D. from the Individualized Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Montana. Dr. Andriolo is currently a Research Associate and Affiliated Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department and teaches classes in the Biological Sciences and Mechanical Engineering Departments.

Dr. Andriolo’s Ph.D. research focused on four key areas. In the first, she characterized a nanoscale adjuvant invented by Montana Tech researchers that enhanced antibacterial activity of bacteriophage. The second area of her Ph.D. research provided experimental results that detailed the interaction of bacteriophage and the adjuvant, followed by a third section that provided a toxicity profile for the adjuvant. Over 100 yr ago, bacteriophage were used to treat bacterial infection in humans. Following the toxicity profile of the nanoscale adjuvant that demonstrated its high biocompatibility, the fourth key area of Dr. Andriolo’s research concentrated on fabrication of an electrospun polymer bandage designed for controlled time release of the nanoscale adjuvant followed by bacteriophage that provided a highly effective drug release profile for antibacterial treatment. Her doctoral research resulted in four related publications and two granted patents.

Recent Courses Taught

  • EMEC 491 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, Undergraduate
  • EMEC 591 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, Graduate
  • BIOB 101 Discover Biology
  • BIOB 161 Principles of Living Systems Laboratory

Research Interests

Presently, Dr. Andriolo’s research includes fabrication of light-activated drug delivery bandages and photocatalytic denitrification filters, light-scattering for photocatalysis, synthesis of environmentally benign nanoparticles for metals and rare earth extraction, micellar rare earth detection via luminescence, and development of an antiviral additive for therapeutic applications. She also assists the undergraduate and graduate students complete their research deliverables in the MTNL related to electrospinning, perovskites, solar cell fabrication, self-healing polymers, anti-biofouling technologies, catalysis, and high surface area electrodes. Dr. Andriolo particularly enjoys electron microscopy and has won several micrograph awards for her images.

Select Publications

“Polydopamine-copper spacers improve longevity and prevent biofouling in reverse osmosis,” Amos Taiswa, Jessica M. Andriolo, Katherine R. Zodrow, Jack L. Skinner, Water Supply, September 2022.

"Carbon Nanoparticle-Induced Changes to Lipid Monolayer Structure at Water-Air Interfaces," Nida Shaikh, Jessica M. Andriolo, Jack L. Skinner, Robert Walker, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, July 2022.

“Photocatalytic Reduction of Aqueous Nitrate with Hybrid Ag/g-C3N4 Under UV and Visible Light,” S.J.P. Varapragasam, J.M. Andriolo, J.L. Skinner, and E.M. Grumstrup, ACS Omega, December 2021.

“Combined Electrostatic and Air Driven Electrospinner for Biomedical Applications,” L.G. Huston, E.A. Kooistra-Manning, J.L. Skinner, and J.M. Andriolo, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, November 2019 (Featured by the American Society of Physics and Healthline, Editors Pick for JVSTB, Most Read in JVSTB, Best Journal Article Award).

“Bulk and Localized Plasmonic Heating in Nano-Gold Doped Polymers,” Bulk and Localized Plasmonic Heating in Nano-Gold Doped Polymers,” J.M. Andriolo, M.L. Joseph, M.H. Griep, and J.L. Skinner, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, November 2019 (Figure Featured on the Cover of JVSTB).

“Plasmonic Response of Light-Activated, Nano-Gold Doped Polymers,” J.M. Andriolo, M.L. Joseph, M.C. Brockway, and J.L. Skinner, MRS Advances, June 2019.

“Electrospinning for nano to mesoscale photonic structures,” J. L. Skinner, J. M. Andriolo, J. P. Murphy, and B. M. Ross, Nanophotonics, December 2016.

“Iron-doped apatite nanoparticles for improvement of phage therapy,” J. M. Andriolo, R. M. Hensleigh, C. A. McConnell, M. Pedulla, K. Hailer, R. Kasinath, G. Wyss, W. Gleason, and J. L. Skinner, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, Vol. 32, No. 6, pp. 06FD01, September 2014 (Top 5 Most Read in JVST B).


US Patent No. 11191721, “Particle Delivery via Small-Scale Morphology Materials for Antibacterial Applications,” Priority Date: May 23, 2019.

US Patent No. 10532070, “Antiviral Composition and Applications of Iron-Doped Apatite Nanoparticles,” Priority Date: February 22, 2018.

US Patent No. 10392612, “Method of Particulate Transport via Small-Scale Morphology Materials,” Priority Date: May 26, 2016.