Academic success coaching is a resource available to any and all students. Whether you need help with study skills and overcoming test anxiety, guidance on time management, or general aid in figuring out how to navigate being a student in a rigorous academic setting, my goal is to help students create individualized plans for success during their time here.  

Just like a sports coach, I am here to help you identify academic challenges and overcome them, supporting you in getting from where you are now to where you want to be. While I am not specifically a tutor, counselor, career services representative, etc., I will point you to these various additional resources that are available to you as a student at Montana Tech and/or Highlands as needed.

If you are struggling in your classes, consider setting up a meeting with me and we can go from there. I will also be hosting workshops on various topics for student success, partnering with different departments across campus. Everyone is welcome to attend these. 

Who is your Academic Success Coach?

My name is Kristen, and I am a recent college graduate. As a Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology major involved in cross country and various clubs and activities across campus, my time in college was about learning how to juggle numerous expectations and create a sense of balance in my busy life all while navigating a new and rigorous academic environment. Some of my most lofty goals were accomplished during this time through the help of the supportive and challenging community that I was able to build at Whitman, along with my journey in finding out who I am and how I operate best as a student. It is this experience that makes me want to help you on that journey so that you can make the most of your college experience and see the success you desire.

Meeting with your Academic Success Coach

Individual Appointments

North/South Campus Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 am - 12:00 pm North Campus South Campus North Campus North Campus North Campus
1:00 - 4:00 pm North Campus South Campus

North Campus Office: Located in ACE, room 3.142 | Phone 406-496-4226

South Campus Office: Located in Highlands Center ACE, room 131G


We will be hosting workshops, or opportunities for you to learn with your peers, with campus partners on various topics such as:

  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Goal Setting

If there is a topic you would like to see presented as a workshop, email me at

Consider taking this brief survey to share how you would like to engage with academic success coaching:

Academic Coaching Expectations
Students can expect the academic coach to:

Be respectful, punctual, and patient. Provide availability and contact information. Be an effective communicator and good listener. Help students utilize classroom and campus resources. Offer encouragement.

The academic coach can expect students to:

Be respectful, punctual, and patient. Be motivated to learn. Come in with an open mind and be willing to try suggested changes. Attend class regularly and communicate with their instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Schedule appointment ahead of time and early (better to be proactive)
  • Set yourself a reminder so that you remember to attend appointment
  • Be prepared – be sure to know what you would like to discuss in terms of academic challenges and triumphs
  • Bring any material that you find necessary or would like to look over with me (i.e. class notes, email conversations with instructors, progress reports, planners/calendars, etc.)

  • Early and often!
  • Visit as frequently as you believe is necessary - we can discuss this in our first meeting and create a schedule moving forward
  • Some students may only need one meeting, others may want to meet weekly

  • As your academic coach, my goal is for you to walk out of our meetings confident in facing your academic challenges and empowered to reach out if you need additional help
  • These appointments are student-driven, this is your space to discover who you are as a student and create a plan for success with my support,
  • You as a student should approach our meetings with an open mind to learning skills and strategies to build your academic tool kit, and be prepared to try some out