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Montana tech strategic plan

Strategic Plan

New strategic plan coming in 2021.

Members of the strategic planning team include: Dawn Atkinson, Amanda Badovinac, Carleen Cassidy, Stella Capoccia, Janet Coe, Derrius Collins, Les Cook, Phil Curtiss, Kile Denny, Leslie Dickerson, Charie Faught, Janet Friesz, Steve Gammon, Kylie Godfrey, Linda Granger, Katie Hailer, Julie Hart, Bev Hartline, Todd Hoffman, Melissa Kump, Peter Lucon, Joe McClafferty, John Metesh, Marissa Morgan, Raja Nagisetty, Akua Oppong-Anane, Robert Pal, Dario Prieto, Kaleb Scarberry, Layne Sessions, Glenn Shaw, Jennifer Simon, Patricia Southergill, Matt Stepan, Kate Sutton, Kramer Ungaretti, Michael Van Alstyne, Casey Vanatta, Karen VanDaveer, and Carrie Vath.


Montana Tech, through exemplary undergraduate and graduate education, workforce development, research, and service, builds on a strong heritage in engineering, science, and technology that blends theory with practice in meeting the changing needs of society and the responsible development and use of natural resources.