Submitted by the DEI Committee at Montana Tech regarding National Women’s History Month

Montana Tech Statement in regards to National Women’s History Month

Montana Tech proudly celebrates National Women's History Month, dedicating this time to honoring and recognizing the remarkable contributions of women throughout history. As a university committed to fostering equality and empowering all members of our community, we take pride in acknowledging women’s achievements, leadership, and resilience in various fields.

During this month, Montana Tech seeks to inspire and educate, highlighting the significant roles women have played in shaping our world. From groundbreaking discoveries in STEM to advancements in the arts, humanities, and beyond, women have been instrumental in driving progress and innovation.

We encourage our community to participate in events, discussions, and activities that promote awareness and appreciation for women's history. Through education and reflection, we aspire to create an inclusive environment that uplifts and empowers women, both within our campus community and beyond.

Together, let us honor the legacy of women who have paved the way for future generations, and continue working towards a future where gender equality is fully realized.